France justifies the cancellation of the flight by air Antilles

The French civil aviation authorities have suspended the commercial and non-commercial operations of the regional air carrier Air Antilles. August 27 The Guadeloupe-based airline is no longer able to operate seven ATRs and four Twin Otter, so all airlines are canceling flights.

The carrier owns five ATR42. Photo: Maxime on Wikimedia Commons

A long suspension of air Antilles operations could have a huge impact on Antilles island communities as it is the only company offering connectivity in many parts of the region. Today-24 notes that the competing air carrier Air Caraïbes only operates high-traffic routes.

Operations suspended, closely monitored

August 27 The French Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) has suspended commercial and non-commercial operations in the Antilles. Based in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe and operating in the Antilles, this regional carrier uses seven ATRs and four Twin Otters to fly the islands.

This decision was prompted by OSAC, a private company subcontracted by the French Government for administrative and technical airworthiness review, mainly on behalf of (but not limited to) DGAC. The DGAC report, published in several media outlets, is as follows:

“By monitoring your organization from 2021 onwards. Initially, we noticed eight significant discrepancies between the ATR and Twin fleets, which show that your management system does not allow you to monitor compliance with the procedures necessary to guarantee the airworthiness and suitability of these fleets. ”

ATR Air Antilles
The average age of the ATR42 airlines is 13 years, while that of the two ATR72s is only four years old. Photo: Maxime on Wikimedia Commons

In addition, This is reported by French television that OSAC had limited Air Antilles to one Cessna Caravan for one month. To lift the suspension, OSAC claims that “Appropriate corrective measures” are required. In addition to this requirement, OSAC wants the airline to be strengthened for a period of six months.

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Response to suspension

Speaking to France TV in Guadeloupe 1, airline owner Eric Koury assesses the problem and acknowledges the maintenance problems of only one Twin Otter aircraft. In this regard, Koury stated that the aircrafthas been sent to the U.S. for maintenance for a very long time to replace the wings. But it never had passengers. “

The company said in a statement that this test “Doubted the reliability of our airworthiness monitoring system for the rest of the fleet.” The company claims that on August 28. She did everything she could “Accurate and comprehensive answer” to OSAC. In doing so, she hopes for recovery “In the next few days.”

ATR Air Antilles
The airline is the main provider of air services in the region. Photo: Laurent Errera on Wikimedia Commons

Air Guyane Express and Air Antilles are parent companies of CAIRE, otherwise known as secondary trademarks “Compagnie Aérienne Inter Régionale Express”. The two companies are located at Cayenne-Félix Eboué and Pointe-à-pitre Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes airports, respectively, in the Caribbean and Guyana.

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