France to ease lockdown next month sparking hope for international travelers | Travel News | To travel

The French government has announced that the country’s third national lockdown will begin to ease from May 3, with the French being allowed to travel anywhere in the country. The outdoor areas of the bars and restaurants will also reopen from mid-May.

Other countries that should currently be on the list are Israel, the United States, Malta, Australia and New Zealand.

However, the Australian and New Zealand governments have yet to say whether they will allow British travelers to enter their country.

Although there are now hopes that France may reopen to tourists this summer, the country’s average rate of new infections remains one of the highest in Europe.

It is the fifth country with the highest infection rate on the continent, behind Cyprus, Sweden, Turkey and Croatia.

France currently has an average case rate of 341 per 100,000 people, while the UK’s rate is 26 per 100,000 people.

Gerald Darmanin, the French Minister of the Interior, said quarantine measures would be imposed on travelers returning to France from a number of countries, in order to curb the spread of new variants.

Up to 30 destinations are expected to be on the UK’s green list, meaning holidaymakers traveling to and from these countries will not have to self-quarantine upon their return to the UK.

These countries include island destinations that may not be as well known to Britons as the other places on the list, such as Malta and Gibraltar.

Some of the islands that should be on the green list are La Graciosa in the Canary Islands, Porto Santo in the Madeira archipelago, and Tinos just off the coast of Mykonos.

These spots are expected to be less crowded this summer than their more well-known neighbors.

In addition to a green list, the UK traffic light system includes an amber list and a red list.

People traveling to and from Green List countries will need to take three coronavirus tests in total, but will not have to self-quarantine, while people traveling to and from Amber countries will need to take the tests and self-quarantine at home for 10 days.

If they choose to travel to and from Red List countries, vacationers will have to take three tests and quarantine themselves in a hotel for 10 days, which they will have to pay.

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