Fredericksburg Requires Special Use Permits For Airbnbs | Economic news

“I have a beautiful house and it’s beautiful and it’s downtown and it’s pretty neat,” said Pappas, who is listed as a “superhost” on

“I will never be able to make a living from it. I don’t intend to live on it, ”he said, adding that he already had a full-time job. “I like staying with people. I like to share mine. I live in a great neighborhood and people always say great things.

Pappas said he and his wife had “put the brakes on” accommodation since they received a letter from the city advising them they will need to apply for a special use permit.

“We are just evaluating everything,” he said. “It seems a bit heavy.”

In Fredericksburg, Dodd’s Airbnb falls under the same zoning district regulations as a bed and breakfast, Craig said.

The city has several of these along Caroline and Princess Anne streets and near Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. They are required to have a special use permit, unless they can practice law.

Lois Jacob, the city’s revenue commissioner, said Airbnb operators must also register and pay a 6% accommodation tax, as do guesthouses and hotels.

“Some are not and we are trying to bring them into compliance,” she said. “Zoning issues are involved, so it’s a multi-departmental effort. “

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