French lorry brings UK village to a standstill as driver stuck in narrow street

A massive HGV truck from France has brought a British town to a standstill after blocking a crucial coastal road and causing damage to buildings.

The Frenchman behind the wheel ended up blocking the narrow road, much to the chagrin of angry residents of Starcross, Devon, who claim the driver was stuck for nearly half an hour.

Unlucky locals found themselves sitting in huge traffic jams as people got out of their vehicles to watch the drama unfold.

A resident said the driver of the lorry did not speak a word of English, which made it difficult for him to follow instructions from other road users and truck drivers.

Once stuck in the narrow road, the truck would have ended up damaging some tiles of a building and a gutter.

A 25-minute operation to remove the truck bomb took place, with a furious resident alleging that problems with truck bombs “happen all the time”.

They said: “It happens all the time. That’s where they put in the new road checks. They just made it worse. They extended the trail and now the road is actually even more narrower than before.

“It’s crazy. All they had to do was put on traffic lights. Everyone who goes into the pub is moaning and moaning about it.”

The village of Starcross has been plagued by truck problems, with its narrow road frequently blocked

The man, who did not want to be named, was asked if he had taken a picture of the truck bomb like other residents, but he replied: “To be honest, it happens so often that I don’t didn’t bother.”

Many said that there have been similar problems for 20 to 30 years, DevonLive reported, with one resident joking, “I bet the widened sidewalk helped hehe.”

Another local commentator joked that the side of the van, which read ‘Rennes, Cherbourg, Boulogne, Glasgow’, should read ‘New York, Paris, Peckham’, in reference to Del Boy Trotter’s van from Only Fools and Horses.

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