Fruit fly invasion forces woman to flee her home

A woman said she was forced to flee her home after an infestation of thousands of fruit flies.

Chloe McBride, 21, says the bugs “are everywhere” and she couldn’t find out why they keep entering the apartment.

The Daily check-in reports that she was traumatized by their growing infestation and has now returned to live with her mother.

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She told the Daily Record: “This is honestly the worst situation I have ever experienced. I couldn’t even cook a meal at home.

“It started in the kitchen, and then last week they multiplied. They were everywhere – all over my hair straighteners and my makeup. It was my breaking point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to buy an inflatable mattress and moved into my mom’s living room.

“The rental company wants me to sort everything out on my own. I’m paying £ 450 a month for a house that’s not even worth that and they can’t even help me get rid of the flies.

“It’s a proper infestation. It’s not going to go away unless it’s properly treated with someone coming in and using the proper treatment.”

The alleged lack of help has taken a toll on Chloe’s mental health, an issue she is already struggling with.

Her mother Alexis added: “We couldn’t get the owner but we went to Infiniti Properties and they said it was from the trash cans. The trash cans have all emptied and now there are thousands of them.

“My daughter can’t live in there. They’re all over her clothes and work clothes.

“I think they need to get all the furniture out of the house and smoke the whole house.

“Chloe walked into the house for two minutes the other day and ran up to the landing screaming. She can’t even eat in the house – she needs to eat outside.

“She’s just turned 21 and I’m not keeping very well but I have to take her home until it’s sorted out. There are thousands of them and they’re all over the furniture.

“It’s disgusting and it gives me the boak. I was there the other day and I was physically sick because of it.”

Even after using home remedies, flies still invade the property.

Each female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs, and the hatched larvae develop into adult flies within four days.

Alexis and Chloe both claimed the rental company refused to step in and deal with the issue, but Infiniti Properties told the Record they would follow the recommended pest control measures after a follow-up on Tuesday.

They said: “Rest assured that a pest control company had been instructed and assisted on 9/16/2021 and noted that there was no obvious reason for the presence of the fruit flies.

“The tenant was told what she could do to resolve the issue, including advice on making sure any sticky food residue was quickly wiped off.

“The situation is being closely monitored and any treatment recommended by the pest control company will be implemented.”

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