Furious residents oppose Edinburgh apartment being used for Airbnb accommodation

Furious residents have objected to an Edinburgh apartment being used as an Airbnb.

Over 30 objections have been raised against plans to use the residential property for short-term visitor accommodation.

However, despite their concerns, Edinburgh City Council cleared the proposal on August 11 at the C-listed ground floor property on Barony Street.

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Local residents have raised a number of objections to the urban planning request.

One resident complained: “I have the impression that there is already a parking problem in the local area, with residents not being able to find parking and instead using the private street at the end of the road (5 Broughton Market), blocking access to our building.

“Second, I have the impression that there are a lot of hotels in the area. In fact, there are four bnbs and four hotels within a mile of this property, so why should it be turned into travel accommodation?

They added: “Not only that, but there is already a noise issue with the police often seen at the end of Barony Street and parties going on in the tall building across the road. I don’t think any other tourist accommodation is needed here at all.

Another resident said: “I oppose it on the following points: Negative impact on neighborhood facilities, nuisance and inconvenience, antisocial behavior, arrivals and departures and the likelihood of an increase in noisy activities at the end of the evening.

“Short-term tenants would have different and unknown travel patterns, with increased activity due to cleaning the property and the likelihood of increased use of waste disposal facilities with black and associated bags not properly disposed of.” .

“There is a difference between the exterior ambient noise, which is a characteristic of a city center location and noise sources, and the disturbance of the building itself.

The owner of the building tried to reassure his neighbors during the planning request.

They said, “I use a fantastic agent (Five Star AirBnB) for reservations to increase the level of protection both for myself and for my neighbors. “As part of the pre-confirmation booking process, each guest is checked in advance to verify their ID and other personal information (work, home address, past reviews) claiming that this is of respectful guests.

“Each guest is also greeted personally at my home by the representative who rechecks their ID before admitting them.”

As advised by Edinburgh City Council, the owner of the property is now free to use the apartment for short-term commercial accommodation for visitors.

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