Garbage bag full of Nokia phones and book with names from River Clyde

A bag full of phones and a book full of names and numbers have been removed from the River Clyde in Glasgow.

Images released by Glasgow Magnet Fishing captured the moment the group made the bizarre discovery at the Dalmarnock Bridge.

The magnetic fishermen appeared to be using a rope to pull the bag out of the water, but were quickly shocked by the contents.

The group pulled the sack from the River Clyde

Many Nokia phones and two touchscreens were hidden deep in the Clyde in a black trash bag, next to a notebook supposedly filled with names and numbers.

The group posted a video on their Tik Tok platform with dramatic music playing in the background as a member is filmed pulling the sack.

Another clip shows the devices and the book lying on the ground, but the group later confirmed that they threw away all of the content and put it back in the Clyde.

A book was in the bag

Viewers were quick to comment on the video, which has been viewed nearly 60,000 times, shedding light on the situation.

One person said, “Tell me you found a reseller without telling me you found a reseller.

Another added: “Nokia still at 80%.”

While one of them said: “I am from Dalmarnock and I know a few people who are going to freak out over this video.”

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