Gay couples want vacations too – here is a list of spots

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Despite the best attempts at publicity, mainstream romantic comedies, and Valentine’s Day propaganda, date nights, getaways, and romantic adventures aren’t just for chick people. Gay couples also fall in love, date, get married, go on honeymoon, and take vacations. Gay couples also want and need to reconnect when life gets hectic and pulls us apart, especially if we have children. We want to relax and feel sexy and silly with our partner, but we don’t want the constant stares and scrutiny that come with being outside. We also don’t want the risk of harassment or physical harm.

Even the proudest and proudest sometimes censor themselves based on our environment and the people who live there. Some of us stay home or just head to the gay bars or nightclubs if there are any nearby. But even walking in or out of a queer establishment can be dangerous if someone decides to turn their anger and fanaticism into verbal and physical abuse.

However, we have every right to go on dates and take vacations, and we do! When we can, we give concerts, wineries, spas, towns and national parks. We hold hands, kiss, dance, and openly love each other even when hesitation and restraint hovers around us. There is no greater feeling than just being able to be. Existing without fear or external judgment is a privilege that many members of the LBGTQIA + community do not have. If for no other reason we need a vacation from the bombardment of heteronormative life, and when we can finally take one, we want it to be really good. Good and safe are synonymous, so I dug a bit to find places where people can feel comfortable being themselves while being in love or bickering about being lost.

1. Book a room or a house with misterb & b

misterb & b is like Airbnb but much more gay. The site promises that hosts or rental owners are LGBTQIA + and only lists queer-friendly hotel rooms. Choose from over 300,000 queer hosts and 100,000 hotels in 200 countries. I reached out to Airbnb and Vrbo to ask them how to find gay-friendly hosts, but their own guarantee was that all hosts must agree to their anti-discrimination policies before they can offer a rental. misterb & b promises security with a side of rainbows and brunch, so pick a spot and snuggle up for a weekend getaway, vacation, or exotic bucket list. The app allows you to connect with other misterb & b travelers during your trip if you are looking to make friends with other gay couples.

2. Embark on a queer cruise

Booking a cruise is a great way to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation with endless buffets, cheesy but delicious entertainment, and the ability to visit multiple destinations. Sail with pride with a LGBTQ + Cruise with Celebrity Cruises; you can also get married on board and have the captain of the fleet perform the ceremony! If ocean cruising isn’t your thing, take a river cruise with the mark g. They feature Prague, Budapest and Scotland on their upcoming tours, to name a few. Olivier offers cruises (and many other adventures) for LGBTQIA + women. Atlantis also has a magnificent list of gay cruises, but they are mostly targeted and booked by gay men. Women are welcome, but only represent 5 to 10% of the guests.

3. San Francisco, California

Many years ago I heard someone say that San Francisco is “about as strange as a wooden nickel”. It all sounds lovely, honestly. San Francisco is one of the most gay-friendly places in the world and has also been called the “gay capital of the world”. The city is soaked LGBTQIA + history and home to the Castro District, Mission Delores Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. Also discover Alcatraz Island, Lombard Street and Fisherman’s Wharf.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, Southern decadence (which looks a lot like a six-day pride event held around Labor Day every year), and plenty of LGBTQ-friendly establishments and places to stay make New Orleans a great place for romance, l history and drag queens.

5. Go out without adventures

Adventures hosts LGBTQ + vacations, cultural tours and queer cruises. You can choose your trip depending on the theme, type of trip or destination. Pick an “Active” theme and choose from hiking, snorkeling or glacier walks, biking and more. Highlights of “Culture” tours include: sleeping under the Northern Lights in a glass-roofed Finnish cabin, receiving a Maharaja treatment during the Holi Festival Foray across India, and basking in the majesty of the Amazon rainforest on guided tours by boat, on foot and in the canopy. Sign me up.

6. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

TravelPulse recently named Greater Fort Lauderdale as one of the top 4 places for post-COVID LGBT + travelers. Fort Lauderdale has the highest concentration of same-sex couple households in America and is proud of the hundreds of gay-owned businesses. Sebastian Beach, which is part of Fort Lauderdale’s Big Beach, is one of the best gay beaches in the country. And while transgender rights and Florida don’t often go together, the greater Fort Lauderdale area prides itself on welcoming and affirming trans travelers. The city is often the host of Southern comfort conference, which is the largest transgender conference in North America.

The International LGBTQ + Travel Association (IGLTA) recently published a study who surveyed more than 6,000 members of the queer community around the world to get a feel for their travel situation, especially after 18 months of COVID and with the introduction of a vaccine. 77% of people living in the United States said they hoped to plan a trip in 2021 and 75% of those people said they would take a domestic trip and stay in a hotel, condo, or vacation home. About a third of them said they wanted to find ways to reconnect with the LGBTQIA + community.

Reconnection is something everyone needs and same-sex couples, whether or not they choose to mingle with other members or our community, want and need to find solace and joy in our partnerships. . This is not an exhaustive list of gay-friendly vacation spots, but just a push to get you thinking of other places that will entertain, relax, and rekindle the flames of love. . It’s also a reminder that more and more places are all inclusive in how gay people need them when we travel.

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