George Best’s family home in east Belfast opens to the public after retro refurbishment | UTV

George Best’s family home in east Belfast has undergone a retro renovation and is set to open its doors to visitors.

The whole house at Cregagh Estate has been refurbished to look like it would have been in 1961, when 15-year-old George left Belfast to pursue his footballing dreams in Manchester.

The property has been available for rent on AirBnB for almost a decade, but this is the first time guests will be able to enjoy the ’60s experience on offer.

The living room has been remodeled to match what it would have been in the 1960s.

It will also be the first time that home has opened its doors for tours as part of the EastSide Festival.

Visitors will be able to participate in an audio tour in partnership with George’s sister, Barbara McNarry, which will include fond childhood memories and stories from the family home.

Visitors can also browse old school reports and letters a young George sent to his parents, view personal family photos as well as iconic images from George’s illustrious career, and explore an illustrated timeline of the incredible accomplishments of George. George.

The house was purchased from the Best family in 2011 and since then the EastSide partnership has sought to preserve and celebrate the legacy of the local football legend.

George Best grew up in the family home supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Looking forward to opening the doors to the new George Best House visitor experience, Chris Armstrong, EastSide Tourism said:“EastSide Partnership and EastSide Tourism are delighted to open the doors to this fantastic new experience for visitors to the George Best House at Cregagh Estate, east Belfast. George Best House’s retro renovation will take visitors back to the 60s at a very special and important time in George’s life.

“It’s a unique experience for George Best fans. This project would not have been possible without the support of Tourism NI’s Visitor Experience Development Program which enabled us to enhance the visitor experience at the George Best House. “Caroline Bell, Fundraiser, Tourism NI said:“Tourism NI is delighted to have provided funding from our Experience Development Program for this very distinctive and engaging experience associated with one of Northern Ireland’s sporting legends.

“It will add to the range and quality of visitor experiences in East Belfast and meet the growing demand for local and authentic tourism offers.”

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