Gillie Da Kid roasts Wallo for fake targeted shopping spree

Gillie Da Kid woke up this morning and had to roast his podcast partner Wallo267 for telling women to go to a closed place Target store for a shopping spree.

As a Thanksgiving Day (November 24) surprise, Gillie Da KidWallo267’s cousin hopped on his Instagram page and posted a video of him outside a Target store in South Philadelphia and announced he was giving 15 women a shopping spree. Only one problem: the target is closed on thanksgiving day.

Despite Target’s closure, Wallo267 treated a few women who showed up at Target and blessed them with cash, much to their delight. “I’m going to put it in their pocket like a rocket ship,” he said as he handed out the cash.

Unfortunately, Wallo267’s shopping spree announcement caused hundreds of women to visit the Target store while waiting for the A million dollar game podcaster to give them a shopping spree. But he left before they arrived.

Gillie had to hop on his Instagram page to let his followers know that it was Wallo267’s idea for the Target shopping spree and not his. “I never told you I was going to Target,” he said. “That was Wallo’s stupid ass. Get the hell out of my DMs.”

Gillie posted a second video reiterating that it was not his idea for women to show up at Target and suggested that if they see Wallo267 outside, come up to him and voice their grievances against him.

“I was all told he was a Nut A$$ Ni$$a,” he wrote in the caption referring to Wallo. “But y’all didn’t believe me I was still taking 4 him, leave Wallo alone, stop hooking up, now he’s got some stupid ass off the target Thanksgiving day knowing Gotdam is shut down. [cry laughing emojis].”

Gillie the child later added on Twitter: “This ni$$a Wallo is making April Fool’s Day jokes on Thanksgiving” [man facepalming emoji] [cry laughing emojis].”

Wallo267 is a great guy and he meant well, but he has a lot of explaining to do.

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