Glasgow AirBnB owner asks COP26 delegate an additional $ 2,000 for apartment after taking reservation

A Glasgow landlord demanded an additional $ 2,000 from a potential tenant at COP26, despite having already entered into a rental agreement.

The owner told a shocked COP26 delegate he feared he would miss “a large sum of money” after realizing the reservation coincided with the climate conference.

Copsey Tanning, senior director of a US organization to fight climate change, is among 25,000 international guests arriving in Glasgow next week.

COP26 climate conference takes place at SEC in Clydeside

He pre-booked a rental property in the city using Airbnb, but was stunned to receive a sudden request for additional payment from the landlord.

Sharing the correspondence on Twitter, Copsey said, “Having a great time with the COP26 accommodation this guy tried to add an extra $ 2,000 to my reservation. Nice experience all around.”

In an email exchange, the anonymous owner said: “I have been informed that during your stay the average room price has increased by 400% in my area.

“It bothers me that I missed a lot of money because of your early booking.

“I had planned to contact you earlier, but I had been on vacation for three weeks recently and was distracted.

“I think an extra $ 70 per night would be a fair adjustment in this case.

“If you care about looking for alternative accommodation, I understand.

“The average price per night for lower quality accommodation is around £ 400.”

Copsey canceled the reservation but said he had found another place to stay for the duration of the conference.

He added: “Accommodation will be fine. Thanks to all the lovely people who reached out to us.”

The Record previously reported how Glasgow is coping with a housing crisis as thousands still search for a place to stay ahead of the COP26 summit.

The international climate conference takes place at the SEC from October 31 and is billed as the largest political rally ever in the UK.

But there are fears that environmental activists and activists around the world will not be invited to participate due to skyrocketing rental costs and hotel reservations.

More than 20 properties across Glasgow are currently listed for rent at £ 20,000 for the fortnight of COP26.

The Human Hotel network, launched as a non-profit alternative to Airbnb ahead of the COP 2019 summit in Chile, aims to find local accommodation for people traveling to Glasgow.

He said about 3,000 people were still looking for rooms before the Clydeside conference.

It comes as Scottish Greens Minister Patrick Harvie recently issued another appeal on behalf of those who depend on low-cost options.

Sixten Kai Nielsen, co-founder of Human Hotel, told the Record that Airbnb’s exorbitant prices were deterring some activists from traveling to Scotland.

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