Glasgow household are already excited for Santa as a Christmas tree is spotted in the living room window

A few weeks ago, we reported how some Glasgow businesses were already getting into the festive spirit and hanging up their Christmas decorations, although there are over 100 days left until Christmas Day.

Guests at two of the city’s hotels took to Twitter to share their disbelief at the sight of Christmas trees and decoration waving to them in the lobby and entryways.

One of the guests, who was visiting the city, wrote: “In Glasgow, visiting two new clients. It’s only September, I can’t believe the hotel already has its Christmas tree!”

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It seems they weren’t the only ones eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, after a member of the public spotted someone with their Christmas tree already in their living room earlier this week.

The tree was seen with its lights shining through the window of a house on Maryhill Road, north of town, near Chinese restaurant (and local institution) Wong’s.

Considering it’s still 91 days before Christmas, we’re wondering if the owners of the property just might not bother to take their tree apart in January and have it kept the whole time!

Maybe last year they were on the villain list and catching up …

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