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GLASTONBURY – Chris and Airika Ackernmann of Wooly Acres Farm have been named Connecticut’s Most Hospitable Hosts by Airbnb.

To qualify for Airbnb’s list of the most welcoming hosts in each state, hosts had to have a minimum of 100 reviews and each review had to be five stars. Reviews written by guests have three sub-categories: cleanliness, communication and check-in. The Ackermanns have received over 140 reviews, never receiving a rating below five stars.

“The best of the best make this list. It’s amazing to maintain this level of quality so consistently, ”said Ben Breit, Trust and Security Communications Manager at Airbnb. “We are in awe of them.”

Woolly Acres is a small organic farm where the Ackermanns raise Navajo Churro sheep and alpacas.

Guests stay in a private wing with an open plan living, dining, kitchen, and large master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The space also has air conditioning, heating, darkening blinds, an indoor fireplace and free Wi-Fi. All outdoor areas including the gardens and stone patio overlooking the animal pasture , are open to customers. A large fireplace is integrated into the patio as well as a grill so that guests can prepare their dinners if they wish.

Guests can also feed the animals as long as they do not enter barns and pens without the supervision of one of the owners.

Airika Ackermann said they decided to become hosts simply because they had an apartment on their property that was not in use. The couple were surprised at the popularity of their Airbnb ad.

“We booked nonstop. We had no idea that there would be such an appeal to our property, ”Ackermann said.

Ackermann also said they liked seeing their ad through someone else’s eyes because it reminded them why they bought the farm in the first place.

“We also like to meet new people and talk to them over a glass of wine,” Ackermann said. “More recently, we welcomed a woman from South Korea and she made us a Korean dish for dinner. It was lovely. “

The Ackermann’s approach to each customer depends entirely on their level of comfort. If the guests want to get to know the couple, they are encouraged and invited to do so. However, if guests prefer to be left alone for a quiet weekend, hosts are more than happy to give them this opportunity.

The couple also attach great importance to cleanliness.

“Cleanliness is very important to me. I even iron the pillow cases before making the bed. I don’t want them to have any doubts about where they are staying, ”Ackermann said.

Every square inch of the apartment is cleaned between visits to ensure the safety and health of guests.

Ackermann said they believe they have become Connecticut’s # 1 hospitable hosts by giving a friendly first impression to all of the guests.

“It’s the first 15 minutes that count the most. We just take the time to introduce ourselves, help them with their bags and be accessible for any questions they might have, ”Ackermann said.

Guests can book their stay at Woolly Acres Farm for a day or a few weeks. On average, a single night will cost $ 135. Since the list is so popular, they are almost full for the next month. Potential customers must book their stay a few weeks in advance on the Airbnb site.

“Making them feel at home seals the deal, and we really appreciate that,” Ackermann said.

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