GMB’s Kate Garraway says ‘things will never be the same’ after Derek’s battle with Covid

Kate Garraway of Good Morning Britain gave a poignant update on her husband Derek Draper’s relentless battle with the coronavirus.

The famous TV presenter warns that she doesn’t think things will ever be the same after her ordeal.

She joined radio presenter Iain Dale on his show to discuss Derek Draper’s battle with Covid and his new book – The Power of Hope.

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Derek, from Chorley, recently returned home but needs 24 hour care, Lancashire Live reports.

Iain asked, “Have you accepted the fact that it’s inevitable that things won’t go back to how they were before, even if he recovers, it won’t necessarily be the way it was before?”

“It will absolutely not be like it used to be, I don’t think it will be the same for any of us really, I think we are all changed by this,” Kate said.

“I think, strangely, we’ve all been through something together in isolation. This is the strangest experience that I think we will come back to in the decades to come, people will study in schools and we all wonder how we all experience this.

“I hope we get the chance to come back and I hope it will be just history. We won’t have to live a strange new life forever.

“But it changed us all in terms of what exactly it means to us, I still don’t really know,” she continued.

“I don’t know what our family life will be like, I hope it will be with Derek at home.

“I hope we can continue to take care of him at home, I hope it is better for him as it is now.

“I hope he finds a way and we’ll help him find a way to be more present. I mean he’s a dominant person, but he’s going to be changed.

The GMB presenter said: “I mean at the very least he’s going to be traumatized, and at worst he might never change, although I have to check myself, it’s not the worst because he is still there .

“It’s very unknown, it’s a strange thing, I’m a bit of a planner, I’m a bit of a geek.

“I like to take a lot of notes on things and plan things out, I’m not necessarily on the surface particularly organized.

“But I still have plans, and I’m pretty happy those are changing, but I like to get a feel for where I’m going and it’s been a free fall.”

Iain stepped in, “You described the discussions of lock-in syndrome earlier, are you constantly looking for the key to trying to get him out of this situation?”

Kate replied: “Absolutely, I think I am, and I do it all the time much like a reporter – constantly looking for new ways, new techniques, new things that people are discovering every day, and there are a world of wonderful activities out there among medical professionals, constantly looking for things that can help.

“And also, on an emotional level, I’m constantly looking for twinkles in my eyes.

“He mentioned the other day that he liked my dress and I was so flabbergasted because it was almost a sentence and it was actually a new dress.”

“He also remembered that I love flattery,” Kate joked. “There are also times when the things that I have said to him, I can see that he is consciously trying to do [it]. We’re trying to get him there.

“He has movement and we try to get him to make that movement useful.

“And see if we can trigger a memory of what he’s doing and how you can do it.”

“He can see me talking about things with him and he’s kind of trying to do it and there’s definitely a connection.”

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