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“Hot Girls’ Summer may be over, but it’s time for Meg Ryan Fall!” TikTok user says Technicolorhantom in a video that walks through some of Ryan’s best looks from When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. On TikTok, the hashtag #MegRyan has 9.4 million views while #MegRyanFall has 1.4m, with users recreating the comfy, layered looks Ryan and costume designers such as Gloria Gresham have created. Videos show people wearing jumpsuits of oversized sweaters, tight blazers, homburg hats with bowler hats and owl-shaped glasses as they lip sync on Nora Ephron’s dialogue from romantic comedies.

I’ll read what she reads … Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. Photograph: Castle Rock / Nelson / Columbia / Kobal / Shutterstock

When When Harry Met Sally was released in 1989, it was seen as a sartorial tribute to Diane Keaton’s revolutionary genre style in Annie Hall (1977). In 2021, another nostalgia is at work. It is a desire. “The pandemic has really robbed us of our sense of the future,” explains David Berry, author of On Nostalgia. “If you accept this for your future, all you have left is the past. So I don’t know if people indulge in nostalgia more, especially since they have no other choice. He says the pandemic has heightened our awareness with a nostalgic feeling: “Longing is really elusive. It tends to escape our words and our brain and just live as a feeling, and it’s really hard to be critical or thoughtful about a feeling when you’re in the middle of it.

#MegRyanFall is in tune with other nostalgic trends that have been popular recently, evoking the classic vibe of Grandmacore and the fall quality of Dark Academia. These, like Cottagecore and Cabincore, focus on an idealized, Americana-tinged notion of the Danish idea of ​​hygge and the themes of comfort and escape. They go beyond fashion, into lifestyle.

“In 2017, we were following the rise of travel startups offering ‘disconnected’ wellness getaways in cabin accommodation in the woods in upstate New York,” says Lorna Hall, Fashion Watch Director for WGSN Trend Forecasters. “The neglected cabins in the Catskill Mountains have turned into quick sell properties. Instagram images and Airbnb influencers from around the world have started to dress the spaces of the cabin. This increase in “off-grid” lifestyles, along with an increase in hiking and other outdoor activities, has fueled the trend. In 2017, the WGSN stated that hiking was the new yoga, and the pandemic has doubled on these emerging trends. “Not only is the safest place to be outside, but being in nature, we are all told, benefits our depleted mental health,” Hall said. Taylor Swift’s Evermore, released during the pandemic in December, used cabin images in her illustrations (and features Swift wearing a very Meg Ryan-ish coat on the cover).

Meg Ryan with Heather Burns and Steve Zahn in You've Got Mail, all wearing lots of sweaters
Count the Riders … Ryan (center) with Heather Burns and Steve Zahn in You’ve Got Mail.
Photograph: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy

The popularity of Cabincore continues to grow even now. Gina Marie, who runs the website, which features photos and travel details of cabins in the US Midwest, says she has already seen more visitors to her site than last year. Part of the appeal is the escape fantasy.

“In the past six months, my most popular photo is of two girls heading to a Scandinavian-style cabin on a private island. You only see the girls’ backs, ”says Marie. “I think it’s the most popular because without faces it’s easy for anyone to imagine themselves in the photo. They can transport themselves to the stage and feel the excitement of a cabin adventure.

#MegRyanFall looks perfectly timed: As people return to urban spaces and real life, Ryan’s fall and timeless wardrobe speaks to our desire and hopes for our post-pandemic future.

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