Goodyear Listed Its Iconic Blimp On Airbnb For Just Three Nights

By Scottie Andrew, CNN

(CNN) – Many American sports fans can say they have spotted one of the The famous airships of Goodyear hovering over a football match. Much less can say that they spent the night inside a.

Good year listed one of their airships on Airbnb for three separate overnight stays from October 22 to 24. But aviation enthusiasts, be warned, the airship will remain on the ground during your stay.

Somehow, Goodyear has squeezed a bed, sofa, two chairs, several tables, a potted plant, and plenty of football trinkets into the little airship gondola, and she looks surprisingly comfortable. .

The airship will remain parked in an overhead hanger minutes from Goodyear’s headquarters in Akron, Ohio. Thankfully, guests can stretch their legs in a wallless entertainment space just outside, complete with a TV and open bar (good thing, Goodyear won’t allow guests to bring their own alcohol) .

Airship residents also cannot leave the property for the duration of their stay, but they can roam past the airship to Wingfoot Lake just outside, where Goodyear has installed a grill, fire pit and a cornhole.

A stay only costs $ 150 a night, if you’re lucky enough to secure a reservation. Goodyear advised fans to watch its Airbnb listing on October 15 for booking opportunities.

Plus, all guests will receive tickets to watch rivals Michigan and Notre Dame face off on October 26. And if you’re lucky, you can watch the airship take off that day. after you slept in it.

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