Government to discuss possibility of third dose of Covid-19 vaccine

The Czech government is to discuss the approval of a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine for adults over 65, populations at risk and essential workers, such as those in the health and social work sectors.

“The clinical group has some ideas on this, but it’s not finalized yet. We stress that probably those who have had transplants, chronic patients or the elderly could be vaccinated, but it is not decided, so it will take some time, ”Babiš said.

He added that it is also necessary to formulate a policy towards antibodies. Although Czechs can be tested for antibodies, they are not yet recognized as evidence of immunity, unlike vaccination or previous illness.

Austria is the only country in Europe to recognize antibodies so far. “Hopefully soon the experts will come to an agreement and make a final decision,” Babiš said.

Hungary became the first EU country to offer a third injection of Covid vaccines to its population, with the campaign starting on August 1. The booster injection should take place at least four months after the second dose, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, unless doctors advise otherwise. .

A study carried out by a Czech organization Ruce Podane showed that up to 60 percent of older people had significantly lower antibodies or not at all six months after being vaccinated and that a third dose was probably needed for groups of people at higher risk.

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