Grand Designs: Kevin McCloud praises Exeter’s ‘shiny’ construction that looks ‘more like a museum’ inside

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud called Hux Shard’s futuristic £ 2.5million Devon property “crazy and adventurous”.

The presenter spoke about the 70-meter-long five-bedroom house near Exeter, which features 10-meter-high monolithic zinc exterior walls, in a recent appearance on This Morning.

The project is the creation of Joe Priday, a real estate investor and supercar, and his wife, Claire, and will be the subject of the first episode of the new Grand Design series which begins today (September 1) on Channel 4 at 9 p.m. ET.

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Kevin told This Morning that Joe got high.

“Joe said it was about building one of the biggest homes on the planet, of course most of us want to build a three bedroom house, but he doesn’t,” Kevin said.

When asked if the design was ‘adventurous’ or ‘crazy’, Kevin replied, “There’s a little bit of craziness in there, but of course it’s adventurous.

“And I’ll tell you what’s great about it, so often you see a mall or a museum with a shape like that, and you go inside and it has ordinary rectangular spaces, and it’s boring. , while this building was on the inside as it was on the outside, all these shapes and fragments you could read from the inside – I think it’s more like a museum. “

It’s back and it’s again in Devon – Joe and Claire Priday from Exeter with Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud

Much like Grand Designs, the project went over budget and over schedule.

The house is gigantic, covering 6000 m², with five bedrooms, a gym, a cinema room, an office, a laundry room, an open-plan kitchen and a living space.

The house is ultra-modern and carbon negative, powered by sun and air.

The Pridays say the property is a relaxing family home. With three children, they have done their best to keep the house comfortable, and its angular windows provide a serene setting for parents and a play area full of endless possibilities for their children.

Inside the £ 2.5million Hux Shard, Exeter
Inside the £ 2.5million Hux Shard, Exeter

The beautiful house is not without its challenges and Claire admits that keeping it clean is a job in itself, which takes her hours.

She added that it was difficult to prevent children from spreading their toys everywhere and that the couple will have to buy a very large ladder to change the light bulbs, due to their 10-meter-high roof.

ITV presenter Eamonn Holmes asked Kevin if there had been a change in the way people use space.

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“Of course,” Kevin said. “Whereas 20 years ago I think people said I want a dining room, I want a formal room, a movie theater, today it’s about trying to give every room multiple purposes – whether for home schooling or for setting up a recording studio in people’s rooms.

“And I had never seen so many rooms before Covid.”

Before a construction project got started, Kevin admitted how exciting the prospect of creating a unique design is.

Inspired by Dartmoor granite twists - the £ 2.5million Hux Shard, Exeter
Inspired by Dartmoor granite twists – the £ 2.5million Hux Shard, Exeter

“At the beginning, it’s a world of endless possibilities,” he said.

Reflecting on how ambitious designs should incorporate creative ways of using space, Kevin said, “These are really the great skills of architecture, organizing spaces to make the most of what you have.

“If you don’t have a view out the window, people with skylights have discovered that there is a fantastic world of stars, skies and seagulls. It’s amazing.”

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