Greater LA area ranks fourth nationally in revenue for new Airbnb hosts – Orange County Register

A new report of Airbnb ranks the greater Los Angeles area as the fourth highest grossing region in the country for new Airbnb hosts with a listing in the United States in the first six months of 2021.

Los Angeles area hosts collectively earned $ 6.2 million in revenue through June, according to the study, surpassing North Carolina coast ($ 4 million), Smoky Mountains (3.9 million), Poconos ($ 3.5 million), Houston ($ 3.3 million), Catskills and Hudson Valley ($ 3.1 million) and Denver ($ 2.9 million).

The company declined to reveal how many new Airbnb hosts were offering rentals in the Los Angeles area in the first half of 2021.

Atlanta tops the list for the first half of 2021, with the hosts earning a combined revenue of $ 8.5 million. Next are the southern Gulf Coast of Florida ($ 8 million) and Phoenix ($ 6.3 million).

Half of the new listings booked in early 2021 got a booking request within four days of signing up, the company said, while the annual revenue of existing Airbnb hosts between April 2020 and April 2021 averaged about $ 9,600.

The study shows that 60% of new hosts were women who have earned more than $ 83 million combined in the United States since January 2021. Senior new hosts aged 60 and over have earned more than $ 30 million.

Airbnbs have disrupted the hotel industry, stealing market share and putting pressure on hotel rates, and their popularity as a rental alternative has increased at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many hotels were temporarily closed.

A lifeline and an additional source of income

Natalia Paez said her three-bedroom, one-bath home in Woodland Hills has been a lifeline and a constant source of additional income since she and her husband began offering it for Airbnb rentals in March.

“We recently bought another house in our neighborhood that is bigger and then the pandemic hit,” said the 38-year-old entrepreneur. “I was thinking of doing an Airbnb with our other house. I thought it was a good idea in case we lost our jobs due to COVID. “

Natalia Paez’s Airbnb listing in Woodland Hills includes

As it turned out, the two tattoo shops the couple ran in Studio City and Echo Park had to close for several months in the spring because they were considered non-essential businesses. Their Airbnb business has helped bridge the gap.

“It really helped us survive,” Paez said. “The hotels will charge $ 200 to $ 300 a night, but we’re charging $ 215 a night and the house has a kitchen and a front and back yard. You don’t get that with hotels.

Hosts set their own rental prices and can keep up to 97% of their income, Airbnb spokesperson Samuel Randall said.

So what are people looking for when they rent a house?

“We’ve seen that people tend to prioritize places that allow them to work remotely – homes with WiFi and office setups,” he said. “They’re also looking for places that are pet-friendly, and homes with hot tubs and pools are popular.”

What is the attraction?

Randall said the greater Los Angeles area is a popular destination for Airbnb customers because of its diverse landscapes and myriad of entertainment options. Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Universal Studios are must-see destinations, along with Hollywood, La Brea Tar Pits, and the Queen Mary.

Many people who were locked up during the COVID-19 pandemic are also taking longer trips.

“In many cases, this weekend turns into five or more days,” Randall said. “People are becoming flexible about when and where they travel. Rural areas near national parks remain popular.

The Paez Airbnb welcomed around thirty guests. Most stay around four nights, she said, although others have stayed a week or more. There is work, but Paez has help.

“I have a very good housekeeper,” she says. “But I help her out a bit to make sure the towels are folded the way I like them and I make sure everything is stocked.”

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