Greens block Labor plans for check-in system for Airbnbs and short-term vacation rentals

Labor councilors have again tried to get local action on the issue of unregulated short-term holiday rentals in last week’s meeting from the Brighton & Hove City Council’s Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture (TECC) Committee, calling for council action in the form of a registration scheme.

Unfortunately, Green and Tory councilors have rejected Labor plans for a check-in system, although the biggest platform – Airbnb – has been officially in favor of such a system.

According The big problem, which has a significant impact on the housing crisis we face. The increase in short-term furloughs is also impacting communities, with neighbors often suffering from the disruption and noise pollution from ‘party houses’.

The government has finally announced a review of the regulation of short-term rentals, and we must take this opportunity to demand more regulatory powers, such as guaranteeing safety standards and capping the number of short-term rentals, because many many cities similarly affected such as New York, Berlin and Barcelona have done so.

While we welcome the government’s review, it could be years before it leads to change, but our city is hurting now. This is why Labor has consistently urged the TECC Committee and the Full Council not only to help with the review, but also to use the limited powers we have to set up a registration system in Brighton & Hove to expedite the regulation of this unfettered industry.

Labour’s co-spokesperson for tourism, equality, communities and culture, Cllr Amanda Evans said:

“We are deeply disappointed that Green and Conservative councilors have again refused to act locally against the rise of unregulated short-term holiday rentals.

“Platforms like Airbnb were originally developed to allow landlords to use their spare rooms or their entire property for occasional rentals, which at first glance seems innocuous enough.

“However, evidence suggests that these platforms are increasingly being used by professional traders. There are concerns that some professional landlords are turning residential properties into rental businesses without the required planning permission. These rentals are having a negative impact on the city’s tourism industry and causing misery for residents, as many are run as timeshare businesses, but without the taxes or health and safety regulations that guest rooms are subject to. hosts and legitimate hotels must comply.

“While it is right that as a council we are pushing the government for more power in contributing to the upcoming review, we also need to use the limited powers we have to start making things better now. , and not having all the regulatory powers we would like to have is no excuse to sit back and do nothing!

“A registration system would allow us to collect information on a voluntary basis and, with the help of the larger platforms, be in a much better position to start when we have additional legal tools to help us regulate this ever growing industry.

“While I am not surprised the Tories have shown no interest in solving the housing crisis, I have been disappointed that our fellow Greens have not supported these plans as they ‘talk often’.

“The position of other parties seems to be, ‘because we can’t do much, let’s do nothing at all’.”

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