Group that ‘destroyed’ Laois’ house in illegal New Years Eve event in Dublin

A group of people who staged an illegal rave that caused extensive damage to a rented house in Co Laois are planning another event in Dublin for New Years Eve.

Videos of the rave, seen by The Irish Times, showed more than 80 people dancing without masks and without social distancing.

The homeowner was unaware of the rave, which took place on December 12, and said extensive damage had been done to the property.

They had rented the property through Airbnb to an individual who said he wanted to rent the house for a weekend hike with co-workers.

Lisa Wilkinson, whose partner owns the house, said the property was “absolutely destroyed” after the rave.

She said the interior of the house was littered with empty beer cans and bottles, nitrous oxide cans used for “laughing gas” and other trash strewn on the floor.

A number of mostly empty bags, which appeared to have been used to carry other drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy pills, were also found amid the mess.

The group behind the rave organized the Co Laois event via a private Instagram account and Snapchat on social networks.

Cans of used nitrous oxide and “laughing gas” and other garbage strewn on the floor. Photography: Lisa Wilkinson

The group has since announced tickets to a rave in Dublin on New Years Eve, in violation of public health restrictions.

In a post on a private Instagram page last week, the band began selling tickets for € 35 to a rave at a Dublin “warehouse”, complete with techno and house DJs and a “fully stocked bar.”

People can only view posts or send messages to accounts after they request to follow the account and have been approved.

People buy tickets through an online link and after providing proof of purchase, they are added to a WhatsApp group chat.

For the rave in Co Laois, organizers informed people that a first meeting point would be provided in the group chat, and from there, participants would be transported by coach to the venue, which did not. been disclosed beforehand.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Ms Wilkinson said Co Laois’ house had been “completely destroyed”, with broken furniture and dishes, and the whole house had left a smell of “rancid beer”.

“The whole floor is a nice tile that was dabbed, and there was only mud, gravel and crushed glass. They stirred the whole garden making donuts in the car, all around the property, ”she said.

“I brought in housekeepers from Dublin who work for me… it took us three days to clean the house. We cleaned out a dumpster full of garbage, ”she said. She estimated that there had been thousands of euros in damage.

Under the level 3 restrictions in effect at the time, no organized gatherings inside were allowed.

It is a crime to organize rallies in violation of public health directives, with fines ranging from € 500 to € 2,500, or six months in prison on conviction.

Garda’s press office did not respond to questions about opening a criminal investigation into the event.

An Airbnb spokesperson said he had “zero tolerance for this type of behavior and had removed the guest from the platform.”

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