GTP Headlines Airbnb, Booking and VRBO agree to comply with Greek tax laws

The Greek tax administration this week signed an agreement with short-term rental operators Airbnb, and VRBO, the vacation rental brand of the Expedia Group, to comply with local tax laws.

The companies have agreed to comply with Greek law and register the properties for rent on the AADE (Independent Revenue Authority) short-term rental register.

The cooperation protocol applies to all digital platforms involved in home sharing services, defines the legal operating procedures and establishes a clear, simple, transparent and efficient compliance process.

The AADE aims through the protocol to guarantee fair play.

“This agreement is great news for Airbnb hosts and will make it easier for more people in Greece to share their homes. We are committed to working with governments and authorities on such partnerships that help families and support responsible tourism, ”said Giacomo Trovato, country manager Italy and South-East Europe Airbnb.

Among other things, it provides for online platforms to display on their websites a separate and clearly defined field in which the owner / administrator can register the relevant information; clear information concerning the mandatory declaration as well as the risks of non-compliance.

The platforms have also agreed to remove all ads – when identified by the AADE – that do not provide a legitimate property registration number.

The procedures will be reviewed annually from June 2021.

“Despite the Covid-19 crisis we are experiencing, we believe that tourism and travel will recover. At the same time, we want to support our users so that they are prepared for the recovery of the tourism and travel industry, as well as to cooperate with the Greek state ”, said Jean-Philippe Monod from Froideville, Senior Vice President of Global Governance and Corporate Affairs at Expedia Group.

President of AADE Georges pitsilis described the deal as a “milestone” for best practice in Greece, “which allows us to monitor and further improve taxpayer compliance while ensuring a level playing field for short-term rental platforms” .

“The Agreed Procedure is a preconceived compliance process for anyone considering entering short-term leasing. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our dialogue and cooperation and the innovative initiative which ultimately benefits all parties involved, ”he said.

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