Guess which Irish county has the third highest ranked Airbnb in the world?

It sure must be the Kingdom, right?

Kerry has always been a popular spot for Irish tourists and restaurateurs – from the stunning lakeside trails through Killarney National Park to the sandy beaches and cozy pubs dotted around Dingle, it’s easy to see why it is. top of the list for so many when planning a vacation. But who would have thought that Kerry’s Green and Gold would be featured in a list of the world’s best locations for highly rated Airbnbs, let alone in third place?

After Waikato in New Zealand and Beijing, China in first and second place, County Kerry comes in third with an Airbnb rating of 96%. It is followed by Rio de Janeiro in Brazil with 93%, and Havana, Cuba with 91%.

According to the study, Kerry scored highly because of its “breathtaking cliffs, coastlines and famous landmarks such as Torc Waterfall and Torc Mountain”.

This could be your sign to explore Kerry before summer is over if you haven’t already. If you follow us on Insta, you’ll know we’re huge fans of the place – it’s called the Kingdom for a reason after all!

Whether you fancy a yurt with its own private hot tub, a traditional stone cottage, or a converted train car just off Inch Beach, there is no shortage of unique accommodations to choose from. . Prepare now!

Header image via Instagram / Lovindotie

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