Guy arrives in Amsterdam to find his Airbnb is a sea container

Ben Speller / The Spurs Show / Facebook

Airbnb can be a great way to explore new cities, while also giving you a good base for a decent price. However, sometimes they are not exactly what you would expect.

Ben Speller had traveled to Amsterdam for the Spurs vs Ajax game and needed a place to rest his head for the night. He stumbled upon what seemed like a great ad, a “clean Amsterdam house with private bathroom” for a hundred pounds.

However, when Ben arrived in the Dutch city, the Airbnb was not at all what he expected. Far from the “clean house” he had been promised, Ben was greeted by the sight of a dismal shipping container by the side of the road.

Man's Airbnb turns out to be a sea container.Ben Speller / The Spurs Show / Facebook

The dingy container, located at Pauwenpad, near Prins Bernhardplein, contained three mattresses and a portable toilet, not at all what Ben had promised.

Speak with the Dutch news site AT5, Ben said:

We had already been around three times in a taxi, we said to ourselves: “That can’t be it! “But when we got out it turned out to be true. We opened the door and looked inside, locked the door and left. Then we took a hotel.

Ben requested a refund from the owner, but his request was denied. Airbnb has since refunded the £ 100 as well as the £ 230 for the hotel reservation.

Man's Airbnb turns out to be a sea container.Ben Speller / The Spurs Show / Facebook

Fortunately, Ben saw the fun side by sharing photos of the “so-called chalet” on Facebook with his fellow Spurs fans.

An Airbnb spokesperson made the following statement:

We have removed the host and ads from our platform.

Distorted or fraudulent ads have no place on our platform, and our team works hard to constantly strengthen our defenses and stay one step ahead of bad actors.

The seriously questionable ad – posted by an owner named “Jacob” – has since been towed away from the site.

After local residents complained, it turned out that no permit had been issued for the shipping container to be placed there. The owner of the container turned out to be untraceable.

District manager Jeroen van Berkel said AT5:

We wanted to find the owner to recover the towing costs from them, but it didn’t work,

The Searchlight team (a team the municipality uses to track down illegal vacation rentals) has also visited a few times, but to no avail. Then we decided to remove the container.

Man's Airbnb turns out to be a sea container.Ben Speller / The Spurs Show / Facebook

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