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Damage to the property included mountains of mess to go through, rotten food and toilets full of trash that looked like they had never been emptied.

The damage and the lack of rent paid by the tenant resulted in a loss of £ 12,000 for the landlord.

In addition to the horrible mess in the property, 8,000 empty beer cans were left by the “problem tenant” who completely covered the living room sofa, along with a chair and dining table for them to be. barely visible.

The nightmare tenant told the landlord in a text that he “may have left a bit of a mess,” but the extent of the damage to the apartment, which is owned by real estate developers who build, rent and sell other properties in the area, was unprecedented.

To tackle the job, cleaning and wastewater management expert Freddie Gillium-Webb, 29, from Hampshire was called in to do a deep clean and get the premises back to normal.

The 30-hour job, over a three-day period, required more than 10 bottles of bleach and around 100 trash bags to help get back to normal.

Mr Gillium-Webb described the cleaning process as ‘never ending’ with a ‘terrible’ smell and said that ‘after the first day it didn’t even seem like I had made a difference’.

The amount of mess removed from the property was so large that it took an excavator to crush it in order to fit it into the giant dumpster rented for the occasion.

Describing his experience at the property, the expert said: “As soon as I walked through the door there were cans of beer everywhere.

“He obviously didn’t use the trash at all because the kitchen was full of food waste and in the living room there were half-eaten kebabs and moldy loaves of bread on the floor.

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He said, “Because I work in sewage, I don’t lift and vomit very easily, but cleaning up this mess I must have choked about 20 times and sick three times.”

He imagines the property has been in such a state “for quite some time” due to the extent of the damage, and suggested that the tenant “was just living in it and refueling.”

The tenant had always found excuses to evade apartment inspections organized by the landlord after failing to pay rent during his tenancy.

As movements towards the eviction process began, the tenant decided to vacate the property on his own.

Mr Gillium-Webb expressed his views on the matter saying: ‘It just shouldn’t be able to happen and tenants like this should be blacklisted from renting again, otherwise it could happen. again and again to more owners.

“The tenant maybe had depression and he probably had a drinking problem depending on the number of cans – sometimes you need help but you can’t live like that, there is no excuse to make it so bad ”.

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