Has the “Airbnbust” finally arrived? Here’s Why People Are Tired of Airbnb and Switching to Hotels

A screenshot of a Facebook group dedicated to Airbnb hosts went viral on Twitter this week. One of the “super hosts” asked others on the platform, “Has anyone seen a huge drop in bookings in the last 3-4 months? We’ve gone from at least 50% down literally 0% occupancy for the past two months. I’m just curious if this is something that’s only happening on my property or if other people are seeing similar things. I’m in Palm Springs. Where are you located?”

Then @texasrunnerdfw posted the screenshot to Twitter with the caption “Airbnbust is upon us.” But why exactly are people not booking on Airbnb anymore? Here are some of the reasons people say they prefer to stay at a hotel.

Airbnbs has a high price

Let’s start with the most obvious reason: Airbnbs are no longer cheap. rent one Airbnb was saving you 20-40% on the average price of a hotel room. This is not the case in 2022 – at least in the United States. One user, @JoshhowardOR, shared an image of fees charged by an Airbnb property. The total came to $2,252.50 for just five nights (or $450.50 per day). To put things in perspective, this is the average monthly rent in austina city that is now one of the least affordable cities to live.

What’s worse is the lack of transparency when it comes to booking on Airbnb. Some listings advertise for $120 a night, but when you’re about to leave, you will notice that the total is much higher. The reason could be due to the seemingly unnecessary charges that are added to the nightly rate. There are usually fees for cleaning, service and occupancy (although the latter is understandable). Ultimately, you save more money at a hotel than at an Airbnb.

The dreaded costs and cleaning chores

Most Airbnbs have high cleaning fees. I can excuse hosts who charge a fee if the price is reasonable. However, you will find that some hosts require guests to clean the property when they are already paying for the cleaning! Some of them have the audacity to give you a list of chores – taking the sheets off the bed, taking out the trash, washing the dishes, etc.

Last year, a TikToker, who goes by the username @melworeit, was about to book an Airbnb that included a $125 cleaning fee — until she saw payment instructions. “Remove trash, remove linens, indicate dishwasher and a load of laundry,” was written on the list of things a guest should do before leaving their Airbnb.

Hotels give you a feeling of luxury

Unlike Airbnbs, you don’t have to pay a cleaning fee at a hotel. You can have your room cleaned every day and even get clean towels at no extra cost. Plus, unlike before, you save money at a hotel. The average price per night of a hotel room in Los Angeles is $169. If you want an Airbnb, well, at least have $234 cooked per night (note that this probably does not include other fees). Plus, you also have access to amenities! You get the pool, hot tub, gym, bar, and free breakfast.

Airbnbs makes the housing crisis worse

Finally, there are ethical reasons why some people have stopped renting Airbnbs. Over the past two years, some landlords have listed their properties on Airbnb rather than renting them out to people who need long-term rental accommodation. Additionally, Airbnb has contributed to the housing crisis by driving up the cost of living. “Airbnb taking rentals off the market means fewer options for renters, driving up rates,” writes Davide Mastracci. “The same is true of housing supply, with the wealthy buying multiple properties to use as short-term rentals, helping to drive up the value of existing homes to a point where the vast majority of people are overpriced.”

Final Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, I always like to stay in comfortable apartments and houses. Overseas, Airbnb prices are significantly more affordable. But regarding Airbnb costs in the United StatesI would rather opt for the classic: a hotel.

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