Haunted Mansion-inspired Airbnb is eerily perfect

Most of us die-hard Disney theme park fans have dreamed of the chance to stay at Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, even for just one night. Well, Disney is not yet allowing overnight stays at the House of the 999 Happy Haunts. But we might have the next best thing. Going through Super punch, we heard about a Haunted Mansion-inspired “ghostly retreat”. Or should we say, a Haunted Mansion-inspired Airbnb.


The four bedroom home is located in Fullerton, California, just fifteen minutes from Disneyland Resort. This Airbnb may look like an ordinary suburban house from the outside. Quite different from what a pre-war New Orleans mansion looks like. But once inside, it’s a whole different story.

YouTuber Eat it Katie has a detailed video describing his night in the Haunted Mansion Airbnb. And according to his video, we’re dying to stay there too.

There are tons of callbacks to the original Disneyland attraction spread throughout the four bedroom home. They gave the master bedroom the theme of Master Gracey, the owner of the haunted mansion in Disney lore. The owners have decorated another bedroom for Madame Leota, the fortune teller who lives in the crystal ball. And the beloved narration and music of the original attraction can be heard throughout.

A door in the Haunted Mansion Airbnb.


Perhaps the coolest of all is the game room, which looks like the portrait room stretching out from the famous Disney ride. Even the Hatbox Ghost has its own bedroom. And there are other frightening details dotted all over the place. The iconic wallpaper, shifting portraits, and hitchhiking ghosts are all the focus of a snap. They left no gravestones unturned. Oh, and speaking of gravestones, if you look out the window you’ll see a cemetery in the yard.

The Haunted Mansion Airbnb pays homage to the Disney Parks attraction stretch room.


The Haunted Mansion-themed Ghostly Retreat Airbnb will set you back $ 572 a night. The house has four bedrooms, five beds and two bathrooms. And up to eight guests can stay at a time. For more information and photos, visit Airbnb to book your stay. As the ghost who always reminds you to ‘get back quickly’ to the Disneyland attraction would say, they are dying to have you.

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