HCA Healthcare to sell PatientKeeper to venture capitalist

SAN FRANCISCO, August 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – HCA Health, one of the country’s leading healthcare providers, and General catalyst, a global venture capital firm, today announced the sale of HCA Healthcare PatientKeeper to General Catalyst’s holding company Common as well as an investment in Commure and the formation of a new strategic collaboration to accelerate digital transformation.

PatientKeeper is a leading provider of intuitive software and mobile applications that help physicians and healthcare teams access and use patient information. Commure builds a universal platform and common architecture for open collaboration and person-centered care. The combination of the Commure platform and PatientKeeper solutions is a significant advance towards the ultimate goal of healthcare transformation: improving the overall quality of care, creating an exceptional user experience for clinicians, and promoting better outcomes for healthcare professionals. the patients.

HCA Healthcare will continue to deploy PatientKeeper technology in its more than 180 hospitals across the country. For more than a decade, physicians at HCA Healthcare affiliated hospitals have used PatientKeeper to access a single view of their patient information across various hospital systems, to streamline workflow, and to help improve patient care. As part of Commure, PatientKeeper will migrate to Commure’s cloud infrastructure, facilitating the development and deployment of modern software to serve clinicians without compromising patient privacy and data security excellence. HCA Healthcare will license the Commure platform and work with Commure and General Catalyst to develop new solutions for healthcare providers with the same provider orientation that made PatientKeeper so successful.

“We believe that the combination of PatientKeeper’s user-friendly clinical software and Commure’s modern cloud infrastructure and resources will help promote the development of cutting-edge solutions faster than either could independently do,” said Sam Hazen, CEO of HCA Healthcare. . “Innovation and collaboration are essential to our ongoing efforts to improve outcomes for our patients and the health of our communities. We look forward to working with General Catalyst in pursuit of this vision. “

“This is a radical new chapter in venture capital and healthcare collaboration,” said Hemant Taneja, Managing Partner of General Catalyst and Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Commure. “Commere benefits from access to HCA Healthcare’s knowledge and real-life use cases from its more than 2,000 healthcare sites. And HCA Healthcare, now a shareholder of Commure, can harness the best innovations and ideas in the venture capital ecosystem. It is a victory for all stakeholders.

“We are delighted to welcome the PatientKeeper team to the Commure family and to work with HCA Healthcare on its digital transformation, as well as the 50 additional healthcare systems that also rely on PatientKeeper solutions,” said the CEO of Commure , Brent Dover. “They’ve made incredible strides in bringing an empathetic mindset to the software they develop for their healthcare teams. By combining this with Commure’s cloud-based approach, we can create a cutting-edge software platform that will power the next generation of health insurance products and businesses.

In addition to the Commure / PatientKeeper partnership, General Catalyst and HCA Healthcare will collaborate on new ways to connect HCA Healthcare to other Silicon Valley innovations and technologies, and to enable HCA Healthcare to work with GC and its ecosystem on ideas. of co-development and Opportunities.

About HCA Health
HCA Healthcare, based in Nashville, is one of the nation’s leading healthcare service providers, comprising 187 hospitals and approximately 2,000 ambulatory care sites, including surgical centers, stand-alone emergency rooms, emergency care and medical clinics, in 20 states and the UK. With its founding in 1968, HCA Healthcare created a new model of hospital care in the United States, using combined resources to strengthen hospitals, provide patient-centered care, and improve the practice of medicine. HCA Healthcare has conducted a number of clinical studies, including one which has shown that full term delivery is healthier than early elective delivery of babies and another which has identified a clinical protocol that can reduce childbirth by 44%. blood infections in intensive care patients. HCA Healthcare is a learning healthcare system that uses its more than 32 million patient encounters annually to advance science, improve patient care, and save lives. Please Click here to communicate with HCA Healthcare on social media.

About General Catalyst
General Catalyst is a venture capital firm that invests in powerful, positive and lasting change – for our entrepreneurs, investors, employees and society. We support founders with a long-term vision that challenge the status quo, partnering with them from seed to growth and beyond to create businesses that stand the test of time. With offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York and Boston, the company has helped support the growth of companies such as: Airbnb, Deliveroo, Guild, Gusto, Hubspot, Livongo, Oscar, Samsara, Snap, Stripe and Warby Parker. For more: www.generalcatalyst.com.

About Commure
Commure builds a universal platform and common architecture for open collaboration and person-centered care. In partnership with large healthcare systems and primarily digital suppliers, Commure is weaving the fabric of the healthcare ecosystem of tomorrow in the service of connected care and collective well-being. Commure was founded in 2017 by Hemant Taneja, Managing Partner of General Catalyst, and is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit www.commure.com.

About PatientKeeper, Inc.
PatientKeeper develops and delivers EHR optimization software. Our solutions streamline clinical and revenue cycle workflows for providers, care teams, billers and coders to improve patient care and operational performance. With PatientKeeper as an engagement system complementing the EHR recording system, providers can easily access and act on all their patient information from smartphones, tablets and PCs. PatientKeeper now has over 75,000 active users. For more information on PatientKeeper, visit www.patientkeeper.com or call (781) 373-6100.

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