Heartbreak as Birmingham grandfather, 56, has just three years to live after failed life-saving operation

A Birmingham grandfather had just three years to live, leaving his family devastated. Kevin Yeats, 56, has stage four liver cancer and “doctors can’t operate on him after he was brought back to life on the operating table in March.”

Mr Yeats was first diagnosed with bowel cancer in April 2018 and was cleared in August of the same year and believed he was safe. But blood tests carried out in May 2021 led doctors to discover that the disease had spread to his liver.

The father-of-five and grandfather-of-eight underwent “aggressive chemotherapy” last year, his wife and childhood girlfriend Veronica, 55, said. He was due to have an operation in January to “remove half of his liver”. , but it was delayed for two months because he was suffering from blood clots.

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When the day of the operation finally arrived, on March 7, there was a serious complication. His wife, Ms Yeats, said: “It was a very delicate and dangerous operation.

“They were really optimistic about doing it, trying. On the theater table, he went into anaphylactic shock. He basically died.

“The emergency team arrived and resuscitated him. They gave him adrenaline and he was placed in intensive care.

“I got a call at 1.30pm that day. I wasn’t expecting a call from the surgeon until 6pm, so I knew something had happened.”

“He spent four days in intensive care. The operation didn’t happen – they couldn’t even do it.

“Two weeks ago he had to go for allergy tests, which all came back negative, he never had a reaction. The anesthetist and the surgeon are baffled by what happened to him.

“They put it down to his underlying diabetes, his body can’t handle the operation. Then just now on March 12 we got the devastating news from oncology that they won’t be operating , it’s too risky, and he’s two or three years old, maybe.

“They will continue to give him chemotherapy or radiotherapy, they are still discussing the best treatment.” Mr and Mrs Yeats have been together since they were 15.

They met in Birmingham, as that is where Ms Yeats is from and where Mr Yeats’ parents moved when he was a child. They had their five children – all of whom are now over 30 – before getting married in 1993.

In August 2018, when Mr Yeats was given the green light from cancer, the couple moved to Devon, before moving to Scotland in November 2019, where they still live, in Livingston. Ms Yeats cannot imagine living her life without her husband.

“It’s devastating, I don’t know what to say,” she said. “I’m heartbroken, me and the family, the kids, what are we gonna do?

“He’s an amazing guy. He doesn’t even deserve it. If you look at him, he doesn’t look seriously ill, but he’s seriously ill, he’s also fighting diabetes every day.

“I’m going to miss him, I love him, I hate cancer. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him.

“We were begging the cancer doctor, ‘please, please is there anything you can do’ to help him, just refer him to another surgeon. We have just guessed the surgeon didn’t want to do it now because it crashed before it even sank.

“We’re pleading, if there’s anyone out there who can help him, if he’s a fighter he’s trying, please help him.”

The couple are expected to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary next year. They also want to plan a family vacation together soon.

The fundraising page was started by Lorraine Newman, 54, from Smethwick, who is the wife of Ms Yeats’ brother. To donate, visit gofundme.com.

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