Help celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Navy & Marine Corps

The actual anniversary of the US Navy and Marine Corps isn’t until 2025, but that means planning needs to start in earnest now.

My friend, PA Representative Greg Rothman joined me on Wednesday morning to invite the people of New Jersey to join him for an event on the USS Olympia, which is the world’s oldest warship steel still floating in the world and one of only two surviving WWI ships.

Considering the rich history of our armed forces and the fact that the Navy and Marine Corps were founded in Philadelphia, this area is the exact place to hold the celebration.

If you are a veteran or a parent who enjoys teaching your kids the real story, don’t miss this event. Be part of the movement to celebrate the true and rich history of our nation and the sailors and navies who served to fight our enemies.

Join Greg and other lawmakers, veterans and concerned citizens at 10 a.m. this Friday, July 9 at the Independence Seaport Museum on Columbus Ave. in Philly.

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