Henderson Airbnb host sees most expensive month in October, weighs on high prices | New

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Booking a short term rental in Las Vegas could be an expensive vacation for travelers.

Airbnb Super Host Travis Schurr oversees nine short-term rental homes in Henderson. He’s a “super host”, so he has access to software that connects to hotel rates.

“You can go into a few software that sets hotel prices and then based on demand – it’s called dynamic pricing, so it changes dynamically every day,” Schurr said.

He said that every month in 2021 they see the same number of bookings, but the prices keep going up.

“In January, we made $ 30,000, then we made more the next month, then we made more the next month. We didn’t see a slowdown from January to August, we took a dip, then September, we got past August, then October, we got past September, ”Schurr said.

October was their biggest month, bringing in over $ 150,000.

Homes in the planned Southern Highlands community are seen in this aerial photograph taken in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, September 17, 2020.

Its nine rentals range from a two-bedroom condo to a four-bedroom home on half an acre of land.

For the Raiders’ first home game, Shurr saw nightly fares of $ 1,300.

“I was shocked. $ 1,300 a night for three nights,” Schurr said.

He’s excited to see what November brings with the lifting of holidays and international travel restrictions.

“You want to come in and you want to arrive early, just like when you buy your plane tickets. If you get there early enough, you’ll get the cheap prices that you expect at the last minute, you’re going to pay through the nose, ”said Schurr.

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