Henderson short-term vacation rental law to be reviewed by city council

Henderson City Council will consider stricter regulations for short-term vacation rentals.

A bill introduced to council last week would implement parking rules, a cap on the number of days certain units can be rented per month, and distance requirements between properties for newly registered units.

The proposed changes come amid a 90-day moratorium on new listings for short-term vacation rentals.

Henderson said he routinely receives complaints about noise, litter and the number of rentals in neighborhoods.

Council members will consider the proposal at a committee meeting next Tuesday. It is expected to be put to a final vote at the regular board meeting on the same day.

Among the proposed changes is the ban for guests to use swimming pools and spas between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. on weekends and between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays. If approved, tenants would be required to use all on-site parking before parking on the street.

The proposal also includes a new restriction that limits the number of rental days per month for unoccupied properties to 21.

Under the proposed change, properties must have a street-facing security camera and a registered local contact must respond to complaints within 30 minutes. Current law requires local contacts to respond to complaints within 45 minutes.

The proposal requires that newly registered rentals be separated by at least 1,000 feet, but existing rentals are not required to comply with this change.

Mike Jensen, treasurer of Nevada Vacation Rental Professionals, said he believes vacation rental laws should be reviewed every year. He did not dispute the 1,000-foot distance requirement, but said capping the number of days an operator can rent a property presents a challenge in creating lost revenue.

Henderson spokeswoman Kathleen Richards said in an email that the city believes limiting the number of days a home can be rented per month will help protect the quality of life in the neighborhoods.

City council voted last year to allow rental properties to operate in neighborhoods.

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