Here are some of the most unique Airbnb stays in Vancouver

From breathtaking waterfront views to secluded getaways in the woods, these are some of the most unique Airbnb stays in and around Vancouver.

With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing many people from traveling abroad, there are many unique places to stay here in the city that are no ordinary hotel suite.

To begin with, how about a calm and peaceful boathouse located on the Spirits Trail to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver? The houseboat has ample space to accommodate up to six people, two rooftop decks, and 360-degree views of Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains.

This floating house comes with enough space to accommodate up to six people, two roof terraces. By Airbnb

Then head straight for the city center Vancouver House. That’s right, you can stay in a slice-shaped piece of pizza from the award-winning architectural wonder. Located at 1477 Continental Street, you’ll be right next to the seawall, downtown, English Bay and Yaletown.

Vancouver House
You can stay in a slice-shaped piece of pizza from the Vancouver house right in the middle of downtown. By Airbnb

Speaking of Vancouver’s popular neighborhoods, we are direction Gastown Following. Specifically to an exposed brick loft with a new kitchen with its own espresso machine. There is also a common courtyard with two large barbecues with an outdoor seating area.

This exposed brick loft in Gastown comes with its own espresso machine! By Airbnb

Back to the water’s edge, or should we say to the waterfront. Instead of a boathouse, what about a yacht shaped barge? Moored in Vancouver, the Oriana can take you and seven other friends anywhere on the British Columbia coast. If you are looking for luxury, you’ve found it, the stay includes its own, jet skis, e-bikes, paddleboards, and a car service that can drop you off at the boat in a Rolls Royce Ghost.

The Oriana can carry you and seven other friends, jet skis, e-bikes and paddleboards anywhere you’d like to see on the west coast of British Columbia. By Airbnb

Taking a step back from opulence, we move on to a quieter stay: “The magic glass house.” Located in West Vancouver, the home is a small 300 square feet but lots of charm. The walls and ceiling of the bedroom and main living space are almost entirely of glass, allowing occupants to gaze at the surrounding trees or better still listen to the falling rain. The house has a queen bed, a kitchenette and a propane fireplace.

The walls and ceiling of “The Magic Glass House” are almost entirely made of transparent glass. By Airbnb

Finally, we have another stay at the water’s edge, but with a twist – it’s on a vintage tugboat 1941. For history and boat lovers, you have the chance to stay on a unique Canadian treasure. Nestled in Vancouver’s Heritage Harbor, the Union Jack is a one-of-a-kind vessel originally built as a tugboat to serve the Canadian Navy during World War II. The tug can carry up to eight people who can enjoy views of the Coastal Mountains, Stanley Park, English Bay and the downtown Vancouver skyline.


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