Here are some of the weirdest themed hotel rooms in the world

The collaboration between the Sanderling Resort and Duck Donuts in North Carolina resulted in a donut-themed hotel room that opened just in time for U.S. National Donut Day on June 4.

But if carbs and sugar aren’t your thing, here are seven of the best themed hotel stays from around the world.

For the curious: Wonderland House, Brighton, United Kingdom

This Alice in Wonderland themed house in Brighton has been rated among the best in the UK and the reason is clear.

With its six Alice-inspired bedrooms and Hatter’s Tea Party dining room – which seats up to 24 people – it’s ideal for any Alice fan or for an extended family vacation.

The house hosts everything from corporate events to Christmas parties and is available year round. It also offers stunning sea views and character features like a teapot tap in one of the bathrooms.

Prices start from € 700 per night for the entire property.

For ramen lovers: Unique Pension, Gapyeong, South Korea

If you are hungry, this hotel is sure to have you covered. Known as Pension Unique, the hotel has five themed rooms with the The ramen themed one being our favorite.

Guests can sleep in a double bed in the form of a container of takeout ramen noodles and free ramen on arrival – and throughout your stay.

Other hotel rooms at Unique Pensions include a Starbucks themed room with a Starbucks mug and pastries on arrival, a Heineken room and a social media themed room, complete with a docking station for Old fashioned iPod.

Prices start at € 96 per night.

For James Bond fans: Secret Agent Suite, Paris France

One of the best rooms in Paris ” Hotel Sept must be the Secret Agent Suite. Hailed as a “blend of vintage chic and futuristic design”, this stylish stay pays homage to famous British spy James Bond.

The sequel is a journey into sophistication and comes complete with a lounge chair so you can feel like your favorite Bond girl or a rich villain.

Prices start from € 385 for a minimum two-night stay.

For Princesses: Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

This hotel is the jewel in the crown when it comes to themed rooms. With two Hello Kitty themed rooms, a Barbie-themed suite and an ever-evolving collaboration with various food brands, you’ll never be bored at Keio Plaza.

And here, you get even more for your money with every Hello Kitty Room guest receiving a tote bag, skin care set, mini Hello Kitty concierge, and slippers. You no longer need to slip these hotel minis in your suitcase!

Keio Plaza is also just around the corner from the Sanrio Theme Park, so you can spend even more time with one of Japan’s favorite characters.

Prices start from € 458 per night.

For Wes Anderson Lovers: Wes Anderson Inspired Airbnb, Oregon, United States

This private apartment is perfect for any fan of director Wes Anderson. With its nod to the 1980s, customers can expect a record player (vinyls available) and plenty of brown wood accents. Trinkets adorn the shelves and the exterior is pleasantly suburban.

Hopefully Netflix still features the Grand Budapest Hotel when we visit.

Prices start from 146 € per night.

For anyone who wants to see the magician: The Roxbury, New York, United States

This lodge has three uniquely themed rooms, but the best has to be The sorcerer’s emeralds, a nod to the Wizard of Oz.

With a green theme, this suite feels like you’ve stepped straight into Emerald City and with yellow brick flooring that continues into a full mural, you don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Roxbury is home to many other themed suites including The Genie’s Bottle, Fred (Flintstones) Lair, and several more contemporary shared rooms.

Prices start from € 153 per night.

For Ocean Fanatics: Poseidon Resorts, Fiji

The first place on our list goes to luxury Resort Poseidon Fiji. This aptly named “Mystery Island” is 27.4 meters deep and surrounded by water.

Boasting an underwater chapel that overlooks a coral garden, the Resort is the ideal place to get married or renew your vows. Guests of Poseidon can observe marine life in its natural habitat in the library, or watch sharks sit down for their evening meal.

The venue isn’t finished yet, but Poseidon is already taking reservations, so it’s best to arrive early.

In which hotel room would you spend the night?

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