Here’s how far you can go with 100 USD in Thailand

Thailand can be a very affordable vacation for travelers looking to stay on a budget, and that’s exactly how high $ 100 will get you.

Aside from its Insta-worthy beaches that everyone has added to their bucket list, Thailand is a beautiful country that must be appreciated for its culture as well as its scenery. Everything about Thailand is exotic to travelers, from the sights and sounds to its regional cuisine, and the best? This is usually a fairly affordable rate for those on a budget.

The hardest part of staying on a budget will be deciding where to spend that money, because there is so much to discover in such a country. The good news is that US $ 100 is a pretty solid amount to start a day in Thailand, and that’s what it will provide travelers during their stay.

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Try Thai food for 100 USD / day

From the outset, depending on Money, the best place to go for an affordable visit to Thailand is Phuket. This is where the USD will travel the furthest, and it is one of the cheapest cities in the country for travelers, in almost every aspect. To get started, we first need to know the talk rate.

  • Conversion rate: USD 100 equals 3,554 Thai Baht

While that might not mean much now, it should put the distance traveled into perspective: $ 17 USD equates to around 600 baht, which is the same price as an expensive silk scarf or covering. So, not only is it enough to buy high-quality products, but it will also be more than enough to spend on food per day. According to Budget for your trip, the average cost of meals per day in Thailand is 481 baht. Given that USD 100 equals 3,554 baht, this means that a traveler can probably get about seven full days of meals in Thailand if they stay on budget. This could include trying street food, opting for local restaurants over high-end dining establishments, and exploring the grocery store for ready-made meals or making dinner at the hotel or hotel. location. With an average meal priced at around 198 baht per person per day, that’s more than doable for a week-long vacation.

Pro tip: Thailand is home to some amazing street food you can’t miss; Not only are they delicious, but they’ll fit right into a budget.

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Accommodation on a budget in Thailand

When it comes to finding affordable accommodation in Thailand, it will depend on where travelers choose to stay. As previously stated, Phuket is very affordable for most travelers with plenty of options depending on their budget. The more expensive and upscale accommodations are found closer to the city of Bangkok, so they should probably be left out when determining a budget for Thailand. Chiang Mai is a great alternative for those who want to explore Bangkok but don’t have the budget to stay within the city limits. The best way to do this is to arrange an overnight train trip into the city while making Chiang Mai a traveler’s base for the duration of the vacation.

Sometimes it is even cheaper to stay in Chiang Mai than in Phuket, depending on the time of year. In order to avoid high season costs, travelers can choose to stay during the low season, which will save them a bit more on what can be spent on accommodation. The cheapest option (as in any country) is a hostel; on average, a night in a hostel for one person costs around 1000 baht. In USD it’s well under $ 100 and a traveler could afford to spend $ 100 for three nights, with a few extra baht. Combined with the cost of food – which is typically well under 1,000 baht or $ 30 – and travelers can afford to fill an itinerary on a budget of $ 100 / day.

Tips to save even more money

Some of the biggest costs for any traveler are food and transportation. To reduce these, travelers might consider opting for street foods. Thailand is home to some of the best food in the world, and many dishes are simple and quite affordable.

Those who choose to stay at a hostel or go for a rental like Airbnb or other rental service are also in luck. Most of the time, the neighborhood you stay in has its own local food court. This means that a good, affordable meal can be around the corner without anyone even realizing it – don’t be afraid to ask the hosts or reception for suggestions! In addition, relying on means of transport such as walking, bicycles or scooters can be of great help when it comes to reducing the costs of a taxi or public transport.

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