Hipcamp’s mission is to become the “Outdoor Airbnb”

Ralph Hollister, Travel and Tourism Analyst at GlobalData, says: “Many leisure travelers vacationed at home rather than abroad in 2020. The fact that an additional 11% of consumers said they travel less abroad after Covid-19 (39%) than travel less nationally (28%) in a survey by GlobalData suggests that, in the short term at least, Hipcamp and other companies offering accommodation of outdoors generally more popular with domestic tourists will be in a strong position to capture demand back in 2021. “

According to the same GlobalData survey, 79 percent of respondents worldwide are still
either “somewhat” or “extremely” concerned about the global Covid-19 epidemic, which means that the demand for city stays or travel to urban areas will remain low for the foreseeable future.

Hollister continues: “The fear of contracting the virus has created an increase in demand
for private and isolated trips away from urban areas, making Hipcamp’s game more in the summer of 2020, as many of its newer types of outdoor accommodation are located in rural areas.

“Due to the uncertainty surrounding when city centers will fully open up to mass tourism, Hipcamp may continue to benefit and experience rapid growth – just like the company it is now compared to: Airbnb. However, Hipcamp needs to be careful when embarking on expansion during a pandemic. The external environment can change extremely quickly and caution should be paramount.

According to a study by QYResearch, the market for nature tourism (also known as agro-ecotourism) is worth around US $ 13 billion worldwide – and that was before the pandemic, which will undoubtedly boost the request to spend time outdoors.

Indeed, as Globetender predicted in its report on Traveling in the age of Covid-19, Wilderness Seeking is a big trend in 2021.

Sleeping under the stars (Celestial Escapes) is a trend that Globetrender editor and founder Jenny Southan recently identified for a report she co-wrote with Euronews (see below).

In a derivative article she wrote for Euronews Travel, she said: “In the viral age, a thirst for the great outdoors, along with a stronger desire to understand the meaning of life, will draw people to wild places that offer peaceful and contemplative nights. under the heavens.

She added: “With the ongoing pandemic not only harming the physical well-being of people, it is also inflicting great psychological damage. For many people, the experience will cause long-lasting PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Inspired by the growing trend of nature tourism, Yonder is another site offering travelers the ability to book cabin and ranch stays across the United States, as well as outdoor experiences such as the Liaison on horseback and mushroom hunting.

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