Hocus Pocus Stay at the Sanderson Sisters Cottage via Airbnb

Photo by: Helynn Ospina

It’s a whole bunch of Hocus Pocus at the Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage, where, for the very first time, guests can go wild this Halloween season when the spellbinding, soul-stealing trio invite visitors to get into the ‘spirit’ of Halloween with a night on the scene of their intrigues.

The Sanderson Sisters’ cottage, nestled in the remote woods of Salem, Massachusetts, has been recreated as if it had been frozen in time for 300 years – just in time for the siblings’ much-anticipated return to Hocus Pocus 2streaming on Disney+ starting September 30 (PG rated, Disney+ subscription required, must be 18+ to subscribe).


As if untouched by time, our creaky old cottage stands among the trees, inviting visitors as if in a trance. Enter through the window or the waterwheel, but watch your step – a cobweb or two and the smoke from our cauldron awaits you inside.

Amid the brooms and apothecary bottles, the Black Flame candle flickers and our beloved Handbook of Witchcraft and Alchemy sleeps soundly – lest something (or someone) wakes him. It’s a beautifully eerie scene that’s sure to get guests into the Halloween ‘spirit’.

You can book the Sanderson sisters’ cottage on Airbnb here.

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