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Many Covid-weary Britons are eager for a change of scenery as the lockdown slowly begins to lift across the UK. It is hoped that the holidays will return from May 17 as part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “road map” to get out of the lockdown.

Ahead of the vacation return, the government’s Global Travel Task Force presented plans for a traffic light system, categorizing countries based on their Covid risk.

While “green” nations have yet to be revealed, it seems hopeful vacationers are already basing their hopes on some nations.

According to Skyscanner, within 48 hours of the Global Travel Taskforce’s announcement, some countries are proving particularly popular.

Top destinations searched within 48 hours of the announcement include the UAE hotspot, Dubai, New York in the US, and Alicante in Spain.

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At the time of writing, the UAE remains on England’s ‘red list’, while UK travelers are not allowed into Spain or the US except for specific reasons.

Despite this, hopes are growing that these restrictions could ease in time for the summer.

“There is still a level of uncertainty as to which trips will be possible in 2021, which keeps prices low for short-haul trips as the capacity is not yet filled,” said Martin Nolan, expert in human rights. travelers at Skyscanner.

“It has also caused prices to fluctuate for places like the United States, which have sparked renewed interest from travelers after a successful start to its vaccine rollout.

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“As the rules for travel from the UK become clearer and airlines respond by allocating planes to routes to meet demand, we expect attractive prices to be used by suppliers to compete for reservations.

“Competition between airlines and travel providers almost always benefits the traveler with better prices and more choice. “

While booking vacations now comes with some risk, Nolan points to a widespread reduction in prices, as well as the protection offered by new booking policies.

“There are very attractive prices, as suppliers continue to use them, coupled with flexible booking policies to encourage bookings,” said the travel expert.

In addition to these attractive rates, providers are taking steps to ensure travelers can book with confidence.

“The introduction of flexible bookings, flash sales, and one-off deals on things like extra baggage means you can book your summer vacation or a dream vacation at a fraction of the cost.”

He continued, “There are many ways to protect your reservation.

“Buying a ‘flexible’ ticket could mean you are entitled to a free change of date or destination if you need to.”

Spain has already shown its willingness to reopen its borders to British tourists, however, it is likely that some form of vaccination passport will be in place.

Spain’s Tourism Minister Fernando Valdes said the country was considering opening a “green corridor” for vaccinated Britons.

Meanwhile, although the UAE is on England’s “red list”, the country has resumed direct flights to and from Scotland.

The United States is also showing positive signs with its rapid vaccine rollout.

As of April 12, more than 797 jabs had been given in the United States according to Bloomberg.

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