Home party gatecrasher attacked guest over toilet argument, leaving him with cracked skull

A drunken gatecrasher who had cornered the bathroom violently punched a guest, knocking him down and smashing his head on concrete slabs outside a house party.

The host had rented the Airbnb property in Hunts Lane, Witherley, near Hinckley on Friday, September 25 – and had not invited Jay White, who showed up with several other intruders.

Leicester Crown Court heard that the 20-year-old victim was known to White and that they hadn’t had any issues before – but that night White, then 18, felt ill from the of his alcohol consumption and the victim complained of being preventing others from accessing the toilet, said Neil Bannister, prosecutor.

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Upon sentencing, Judge Keith Raynor told White: “An argument broke out and you went out into the garden.

“You clashed with him and punched him, knocking him down and banging his head on concrete slabs.”

The court heard from another man and then kicked the victim in the arm and shoulder as she lay injured on the ground.

The judge said: “You and the other person then gestured with a fist pump and you smiled.

“You noticed a security camera and you covered your face with a scarf and left.”

The victim sustained a fractured skull, a fractured eye socket in his right eye and had bleeding from his brain.

On May 10 of this year, he underwent surgery to repair a cranial defect, with titanium plates inserted into his skull.

Police on the streets of Witherley following an incident in which a man was injured following an attack at a house party

The judge said the best case scenario would be no more surgery, but the prognosis was mixed and he is likely to have cognitive problems and is also at risk for seizures, additional bleeding, stroke and infections.

He added: “It was a serious head injury with possible lingering effects in the future.”

In a personal impact statement, the victim described seizures and difficulty walking on his first discharge from hospital.

He has to wear a protective helmet when he goes out, which bothers him and his social life is greatly affected.

He intended to study car design at university, but now the future is unclear.

The judge said: “I have genuine consideration for the continuing effect on the victim.”

White, now 19, of Croft Road, Nuneaton, admitted to inflicting grievous bodily harm.

He also admitted to an unrelated burglary at a Boots store in Leamington Spa on December 9, 2019, when £ 5,500 of perfume and other items were stolen, along with two accomplices who have already been convicted.

Police on the streets of Witherley following an incident in which a man was injured following an attack at a house party

Simon Hunka, attenuating, said: “After just one punch he did not get any more assault from her and he was worried and wanted to see if the complainant was okay, he would bend down and try to wake him up. at some point.

“He left the scene, aware that others were taking care of the young man – he was worried for himself.

“He behaved in a way he had never done before and he is not violent by nature.

“He lost control of his temper leaving the house and he doesn’t know what he was thinking at the moment.

“He knows he was responsible for serious injuries to someone he got along well with in the past.”

White was sentenced to a total of two years and eight months in detention.

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Subsequently, investigating officer Det Con Vicki Hudson said, “This case demonstrates how a punch can lead to such severe injuries and have a life-changing impact on the victim.

“We are pleased that White pleaded guilty for his part in the offense and spared the victim’s family the ordeal of hearing the events of that evening in court.”

“We hope this case will show the perpetrators the impact that violence can have on them, their victims and their families at large. “

A spokesperson for the victim’s family said: “We are completely devastated by what happened.

“We must have lived in the anguish of not knowing if he would make it.

“His injuries are life changing and we have to live with the reality that he will never be the same person again and that he will need constant care.

“We are glad the accused pleaded guilty.”

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