Homework successes prove you can live and prosper in Palm Springs

They rented for a year and a half until they found their three bedroom home in Cathedral City. They designated a room as a dedicated office, never predicting how much it would be used. Soon after, Skye no longer needed to work five days a week in the law firm’s office in Indian Wells. And Chris, a former chef, traded his plan for a restaurant business for real estate projects that were never achievable in LA.

“It’s a delicate dance with the two of us here, but we make it work,” Daley says. (Loki, their dog, finds his command center with a dog bed and dog door much busier now, but he also makes it work.) Daley attends court hearings, takes depositions, and argues before the judges of the Courtrooms from San Diego to Modesto County all from home. Vetter manages five rental units and returns homes, a business venture with Daley’s brother. The couple are also preparing a Big Bear cabin to rent on Airbnb.

With two people running two businesses in the same space, they keep the room clean and minimalist by scanning and uploading all documents to the cloud, eliminating the need for messy piles and filing cabinets.

“Moving here was the best decision we ever made,” says Daley. Vetter adds: “It gave us opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Skye is part of a large local law firm, and I changed careers for the first time in 13 years. We are taking root, and this valley has enabled us to do so.

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