Honey from the mall ?! Fashion Arena has installed beehives in its premises

In June, Fashion Arena Prague Outlet, known as the most visited shopping center in the Czech Republic, installed three beehives in its outdoor premises.

It is part of the series of environmental projects through which the center promotes biodiversity in its environment and thus encourages its customers to adopt a more environmentally friendly behavior.

The initial intention of all projects leading to the sustainable functioning of the center was to make maximum use of the building’s feature.

It is a circular architectural solution, in the center of which is a roofless parking lot. The floor plan allows the center to be planted with hundreds of different types of plants and trees. The management therefore aimed to build a “self-sufficient ecosystem” in which it would try to use the full natural potential of the center.

It all started with the installation of composters, which are available for all the cafes and restaurants in the center. The composters were followed by a rainwater retention tank.

In addition, since last year, the mall administration has reduced the frequency of lawn mowing to twice a year, thereby contributing to greater soil moisture retention and supporting the natural diversity of plant species and animal.

“As part of our business, we strive to showcase those that have real benefits and impact, and they also help educate our customers. We initially bought three beehives, which we placed in a grassy area next to the employee parking lot. We will take care of them with our colleagues from the management of the center, with whom we have also followed training in beekeeping ”, adds Petr Křivonožka, CSR manager of Fashion Arena Prague Outlet.


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