Hopes over summer vacation in France as travel restrictions ease

TThe government must define “urgently” its roadmap for the return of international travel, asked a group of deputies.

In an interim report, the all-party transport select committee urged officials to reveal “when and how current quarantine programs will be phased out.” He added that the aviation industry, which has been largely grounded in the past year, “thrives on certainty” and “layoffs have escalated” as the return of travel abroad “continues to be delayed”.

“In order to bring passenger planes back to the skies and connect the UK to the world, a roadmap to restart international travel is urgently needed,” the report read. “The Department [for Transport] has yet to specify what standards destination countries must meet for vaccines and testing capabilities in order to reopen to travel with the UK. “

Since the start of January, it has been illegal to go on vacation and, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap to get out of the lockdown, no earlier than May 17 for the British to travel abroad for “non-essential reasons.” “.

As of February 15, arrivals to the country from ‘redlisted’ destinations have been forced to self-quarantine in a hotel at a cost of up to £ 1,750 per person. Low-cost airline Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary last week told MPs the hotel quarantine was a “public relations start” that was “messy and ineffective”.

The government’s global travel task force is due to release its plans for reopening international travel on April 12.

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