Hotels open the door to the next evolution in room service: Travel Weekly

For some travelers, app-based food delivery companies like Grubhub and UberEats have already made hotel room service almost obsolete.

However, a few pioneering hospitality players have found ways to use delivery applications to their advantage, leveraging new partnerships to give a modern and technological twist to traditional room service concepts.

In what it called “the first of its kind,” the newly opened Resorts World Las Vegas announced in June that it had signed an agreement with Grubhub to launch On the Fly at Resorts World powered by Grubhub.

Presented as a new mobile ordering experience, On the Fly allows Resorts World Las Vegas customers to order from any of the 40 supermarkets and select retail outlets, either through the Grubhub app, or by scanning the Grubhub QR codes located throughout the property. Orders can be placed for pickup or delivery to a room or to the 5.5 acre water complex at Resorts World Las Vegas. Payments can be made by credit card or per room.

For poolside deliveries, orders can be collected from a secure QR code activated restaurant locker, which opens contactlessly.

According to Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas, the On the Fly platform offers users what he describes as “a whole new level of convenience.”

“Grubhub has mastered the third-party delivery service,” Sibella said. “Many guests are already familiar with the application and its features, [and] we have seen substantial early adoption rates of On the Fly. “

However, unlike the typical third-party delivery process, On the Fly’s delivery logistics are handled by Resorts World staff rather than independent delivery providers.

For Grubhub, the partnership marks the company’s first with a hotel and casino, but it likely won’t be the brand’s last.

Brian Madigan, vice president of corporate and campus partners at Grubhub, called the Resorts World Las Vegas partnership “a natural fit for enhancing the customer experience.”

“We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities and partnerships that will enhance the food ordering and delivery experience, and we consider the hotel and resort space to be perfect for ordering and delivery. mobile in the future, ”added Madigan.

A sample of a 2ndKitchen QR code room service menu offered at a Sextant Stays location. Photo credit: courtesy of Sextant Stays

At the same time, in the hybrid aparthotel space, Sextant Stays is also innovating on the delivery front. The company, which operates vacation rental apartment hotels in New Orleans, Miami and other markets, recently partnered with delivery services company 2ndKitchen to offer ‘new room service. generation ”to customers.

“2ndKitchen basically gives us room service without having a large onsite restaurant or worrying about inventory, labor and all those other costs,” said Andreas King-Geovanis, Founder and CEO of Sextant Stays. “It’s a way to add convenience without overhead.”

Through 2ndKitchen, Sextant Stays is able to offer customers the ability to order from what King-Geovanis calls a “white label” Sextant Stays branded QR code menu, which offers a three course selection. to four local restaurants, all usually located within a five-block radius.

This proximity makes it possible to guarantee rapid delivery. Sextant Stays reports that between January and May, 2ndKitchen deliveries to Sextant Stays properties in Miami and New Orleans averaged less than 30 minutes.

Additionally, 2ndKitchen does not take any delivery or customer service charges with a tip being the only additional line item on a check. The company takes a percentage of each sale from participating restaurants, although King-Geovanis has confirmed that this cost is still lower than the high restaurant fees associated with most major brands of delivery apps.

“What Airbnb, Vrbo and a lot of other companies are missing is the F&B component,” King-Geovanis said. “Our goal is to provide a hotel experience with the same facilities and the same level of professionalism, with the comfort and space of a home stay.”

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