How Airbnb is making vacation booking safer for solo travelers

Solo travelers booking accommodation on Airbnb can now use new security features.

The world’s largest vacation listings website has added features designed to support people traveling alone.

It includes in-app expert advice to help tourists stay safe and allows customers to easily share their booking details with friends and family.

With just one click, a person can send their itinerary details to a designated person to let them know where they are going to be and for how long.

This includes all relevant information such as listing address, booking code, arrival and departure dates.

The app will also prompt solo travelers to ask hosts questions, such as if someone will be available to help them during their stay if needed and if other people might be sharing the rental space.

It is currently being rolled out for English-speaking travelers booking private rooms or shared spaces. Airbnb plans to expand the feature to other languages ​​and entire home listings in the near future.

Solo traveler in a treehouse

According to Airbnb’s latest data, 26% of all nights booked on the platform in 2021 were by solo travelers.

Digital nomads are increasingly among those who book, with more than 50% of long-term stays booked in the first quarter of 2022 being made by solo travellers.

The app’s new features are available to all solo travelers, regardless of gender.

“We recognize that woman traveling alone safety is a priority for the travel community right now,” an Airbnb representative said.

“As we began developing the product, it became clear that this could benefit all solo travelers, so the in-app experience will be made accessible to customers regardless of gender identity. “

Individual Airbnb travelers can easily share their itinerary details with friends and family.  Photo: Airbnb

Existing security features available to all users remain, including a 24-hour hotline that customers can call to speak to trained security officers and an in-app local emergency services feature that allows people to contact the police or ambulance services, even if they don’t. know the local phone number.

All users can also add an emergency contact to their profile to speed up the process if Airbnb needs to contact someone on their behalf.

Updated: June 14, 2022, 07:51

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