How Airbnb is supporting tourism recovery in Scotland

Airbnb aims to help spread the benefits of tourism across Scotland

Scotland has always had a healthy international market as a top destination, but travel restrictions over the past 18 months have caused many vacationers to move closer to home for weekends and longer stays.

Airbnb is playing a key role in driving the post-pandemic recovery in the region, which benefits from the jobs it creates in local communities at this critical time.

The local tourism economy already sees £ 70million and 3,300 * jobs supported by customers on Airbnb in the region each year, both by customers staying at accommodations listed on Airbnb and businesses in their chain. supply. Today, Airbnb is launching other initiatives and campaigns to further strengthen the local economy.

Airbnb announced an Edinburgh Community Fund of £ 200,000, which is generated by £ 5 for every stay that took place in Edinburgh in August, as well as additional funds from Airbnb. The money will be donated to good local causes and the first four recipients will be announced soon.

Paula Ward, Regional Director of Leadership at VisitScotland, said: “We welcome Airbnb’s decision to create a community fund and use its network of accommodation providers in Edinburgh to reinvest in the local community. This is a great practical example of how to redistribute the benefits of tourism to groups within communities. Tourism brings so much to the city, it is a force for good, creating economic and social value in all corners of Scotland and improving the well-being of all who experience it.

Airbnb also announced a £ 200,000 community fund to support local causes in Edinburgh

Airbnb aims to spread the economic benefits of tourism to the more rural and lesser-known areas of the region. While city breaks and the Highlands are usually at the top of the wishlist, Airbnb says the Lowlands have a lot to offer.

Amanda Cupples, Managing Director Northern Europe at Airbnb, said: “We want to shine a light on the often overlooked stays and experiences the Lowlands have to offer, from independent distilleries and unique bookstores to a dark sky stash and captivating coasts.

The campaign is not only aimed at tourists, but also encourages businesses to offer accommodation space or offer an Airbnb experience to tourists.

According to a BiGGAR Economics study commissioned by Airbnb, travel on Airbnb boosts the Scottish economy by £ 677million per year and supports over 33,500 Scottish jobs and nearly £ 70million in income per year for the Lowlands .

* Based on a 2020 BiGGAR Economics study, commissioned by Airbnb

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