How Airbnb Lets You Experience K-Pop Dance Classes and Scottish Sheep Without Leaving Your Home

FITNESS LESSONS, cooking classes and the world of work quickly adapted to the online format. Now, travel follows suit. Those of us who are still reluctant to get on an airplane can find a growing array of sophisticated and entertaining ways to see the world virtually – taking care of Airbnb, Atlas Obscura, and independent, local providers. Some are aimed at children, but others take a decidedly adult point of view, focusing, for example, on birdwatching or the art of taxidermy. These online tours and excursions can inject some variety into Zoom-y’s dark days. Plus, the experience can be transporting, spiritually refreshing, easy on the wallet, and surprisingly social: small communities spring up around the courses and friends make. Want to learn to dance like a Korean pop sensation? Follow in the footsteps of a Czech plague doctor? Almost anything is possible.

Round the world ticket

Airbnb Experiences, a service created four years ago on Airbnb that connects travelers with everything from concerts to city tours, has now become a portal through which many small local operators offer their virtual services. Trips include a 1-hour virtual farm trip in Scotland to meet, greet, and meditate with resident sheep (and a yoga instructor). Alternatively, you can choose to take a K-Pop dance class in South Korea or walk in the footsteps of an 18th-century doctor in Prague. Local hosts use a mix of pre-recorded video (often movie-quality), live narration, and chat to make the experience fresh. From $ 1 to $ 75 per person,

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