How I travel: Stanley Tucci always wears a suit jacket to fly

Actor Stanley Tucci lives in England and has a show on CNN, Stanley Tucci: In Search of Italy, about discovering the country – and it seems that the European approach to leisure is finally taking hold. . Nearly 50% of vacations given to Americans go unused,” says Tucci. “I don’t know why, but for me to adopt this wonderful, more European way of life is rather great. You need this time in the afternoon to relax.

Conde Nast Traveler spoke with Tucci, who has partnered with S.Pellegrino for their campaign urging people to spend the summer like an Italian (meaning taking a whole month off), to discuss the region of Italy he would never tire of, champagne in flight, and why his vacation rentals demand quality cuisine.

How it spends flight time:

I usually watch movies, because I’m very uncomfortable sitting and watching movies in my current life. I just watched a very colorful action movie, again the James Bond movie, which flies to Montreal. I liked it. It’s just fantastic. Back from Atlanta, I watched three documentaries, [including ones] on Julia Child and on Shane MacGowan, the singer of the Pogues.

His pet peeves of travel:

The way people dress. I mean, everyone’s dressed like a nine-year-old. And you think, but you’re not nine! You are a person. Put on a shirt, wear a pair of shoes. Why should you wear sweatshirts? Even my kids, my older kids, I’m like, ‘You can’t dress like that on an airplane.’ But that’s a very old way of thinking. You always dress to travel. I still do. Sometimes I’ll just wear a suit on a plane. I’ve become a little less severe as I got older, but I’ll always have a jacket.

His memory of his first first class flight:

The first time I rode first class I was doing TV work and I think I had to fly to Las Vegas. It was in the 1980s and I couldn’t believe it. My seat was bigger than my apartment. It was amazing. You still have champagne and caviar and the little chopped egg. It was really very elegant.

Her tips for traveling to Italy this summer:

Find a place that is more off the beaten path. Go a bit to Rome then find a seat outside [of the city]— take an Airbnb or a rental, a villa or something like that, or a small hotel. In Italy now, all these agritourisms are really quite wonderful and affordable. I think it’s a great way for people to explore Italy.

Places in Italy he has yet to see:

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Abruzzo. I am going to Sardinia, where I have already been, and to Liguria to film these two regions from next week. We will not have covered all the regions. That’s too much to do, but we’ll have done about 13 or 15 in total. There are still so many different cities in Italy that I want to visit that I have never visited.

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