How Telegraph readers fell in love with Airbnb ‘scam’

When Kathryn Flett shared in the pages of this article that this year is the first time that his Airbnb is not full from May to October, many Telegraph readers were quick to explain why she may have been struggling to find guests.

Kathryn has been a host for over a decade and recently had the opportunity to meet other Superhosts like her at a crisis conference in St Ives organized by Airbnb – and discovered that she was not the only one struggling to find guests this summer.

For Telegraph Travel, she wrote: “Over the past nine years, Airbnb has provided me with about a third of my annual income. This year, I will have the chance to cover my costs.” She went on to wonder, “Has the UK really fallen in love with Airbnb?”

The answer, it seems, is a resounding yes. At least as far as British Airbnbs are concerned, and particularly those in Cornwall. Of the nearly 1,000 comments, most cite prices as the reason so many Britons are looking abroad again this year after two summers away during the pandemic. Additional fees, inconvenient tee times and poor customer service are other bugs for Telegraph readers.

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The argument against Airbnb

“There are too many additional costs”


After using various independent accommodation sites including and Airbnb – for cities, coasts and country breaks in the UK and overseas – it’s clear that Airbnb is no longer the affordable option it was. Add to that their additional fees and it is often cheaper to book a hotel or book directly with the owners.

It seems greed prevails, as the properties themselves have not been transformed or moved to justify the extra costs charged. It’s always best to shop ahead.

“It’s not affordable – and there are cheaper options overseas”

@Zeno the Stoic

That’s mainly because of outrageous price rises during the Covid pandemic, which have alienated holidaymakers, particularly in busier places like Cornwall. Now that overseas travel is back, there are much cheaper options overseas, and the weather is much more reliable.

“The departure times are much too early”

@Christophe Hill

Having used the Airbnb platform occasionally over the past few years, I’ve seen the prices skyrocket. I also don’t like check-in times after 3pm and check-out times often around 9am with hefty extra bills. I decided to give him a rest. I’ve also noticed that businesses in St Ives like to charge exorbitant prices all year round, so I’m dropping that too.

“The pricing algorithm puts me off”

@ Selwyn Funk

Maybe the price increase algorithm that raises the price the more people see your property is working against the hosts. Just booked two cabin holidays in Cornwall through a commercial cabin rental group; both were cheaper than going through Airbnb. I suspect that Airbnb commissions finally need to be reviewed and reduced.

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