How to Airbnb your home in Dubai

Everything you need to know to become an Airbnb host in Dubai, whether you own or not …

There is a lot of noise around Airbnb. Is it really legal in Dubai? How does Airbnb work? What does it really take to become a host? Is it safe? How do you make money?

Here’s everything you need to know to be an Airbnb host in Dubai.

Airbnb IS legal in Dubai

Dubai is a pioneer in how to attract more tourists to the emirate and with Expo2020 on the horizon, Airbnb certainly complements this vision of tourism. Since May 2016, Airbnb has been collaborating with the Dubai Tourism and Business Marketing Department. There is now a signed Memorandum of Understanding which promotes “responsible accommodation” in Dubai.

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Airbnb in Dubai is regulated

All hosts using Airbnb to rent their properties in Dubai are required to register with DTCM Dubai to obtain a permit to list their properties. All Airbnb hosts are responsible for ensuring that their activities comply with local laws and regulations. Sounds a bit complicated, right? Well, it is not. See below…

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There are 5 steps to get your license

  1. Create an “Owner” account online on the DTCM Holiday Homes website:
  2. Follow the steps as instructed, submit the required documents, and then pay the necessary fee (1,590 Dhs) to the Dubai Tourism Board to start your approval process.
  3. Upon approval, the owner will get their own username and account as a licensed vacation home provider.
  4. Obtain your final license (at a cost from 300 Dhs per room) to register your property.
  5. You will then receive a certificate, which should be visible somewhere in your property.

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You don’t have to own your property to be an Airbnb host

You can rent your house even if you are not the owner / lady. Owners or tenants should always register the property through Dubai Tourism’s Holiday homes website be able to accommodate short-term guests in Dubai. A certificate of no objection (NOC) from the owner will also be required.

As a host you will have to pay tourism fees in dirham

The Dirham Tourism tax applies to all guests staying in your home. It will be either 15 Dhs per room (if your accommodation is classified as Deluxe) or 10 Dhs per room (if your accommodation is classified as Standard). The total amount that you will have to pay per person is calculated as follows: Tourism Dirham = number of nights x number of rooms x Tourism Dirham, according to the classification category of the unit. You will have to pay these additional fees each month.

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There are companies in Dubai that will help put all of this in place for you.

Discover companies such as Air and AirDXB. These guys help you organize everything for you, from getting your permit, to calculating your tourist dirham fees each month, to sorting out household, laundry, and more.

To view the full set of rules on the “Dubai Vacation Home Rental Regulations”, click on the link here.

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