How to take a British beach break this winter

There is no doubt that the seaside holiday season in the UK has been extended over the past two years, with hordes leaving in hopes of a few days of good weather until the end of October. But winter, on the whole, is still considered hopelessly gloomy and ultimately undesirable for a relaxing trip to the coast.

However, I would say if you wrap yourself up in the warm and embrace the cold, crashing waves and windswept walks, there is no better time of year to experience the best resorts in the Kingdom. -United. Out of season, you can see the soul of a seaside town, not just the spectacle it offers for the summer. Locals emerge, cozy pubs invite you in, and the walking trails sometimes offer dark and often beautiful new vistas of the countryside. The lingering worry about the weather change is also removed – you certainly don’t expect sunshine.

My UK beach vacation that I remember the most was in the popular Cornwall seaside resort of St Ives at the end of November. Since then, I’ve visited in the middle of summer when it’s quite a toy town experience, with crowded streets and no chance to dine at a decent restaurant unless you’ve booked about two months in advance. No wonder the romantic memories of my winter trip crystallized in my mind.

It was pitch dark when we got to our little fisherman’s house, which had stairs that had to be climbed due to the low ceilings and velor blankets to keep warm. Days were spent meandering between galleries (the Tate is open year-round), burning your tongue on hot pies, playing air hockey in the neon-lit arcades, and taking walks. windy. We tackled a section of the South West Coast Path, which eventually made its way to Gurnard’s Head – a mustard yellow lighthouse from a pub, where we enjoyed orzo crab gratin in front of a crackling fire.

The key to a successful beach vacation in the colder months is to choose places that don’t turn into ghost towns in the winter. Since you aren’t going to be camping on the beach all day, a range of decent walks are needed, as are cafes year round and maybe a museum or castle to visit. Accommodation should be compact and comfortable – think low-beam cottages rather than whitewashed beach houses that yearn for summer. Here are five other coastal spots that are particularly suitable for a winter break.

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